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BQ-32: Lorn Song of the King

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

The party leaves their lich friend at the Heart of Pretzelcoatl and rejoins with Artus and Dragonbait down in the swampy doo-doo marsh.

Valour tells Artus and Dragonbait that that bitch was a lich. Dragonbait hisses at the floating chunk of land that contains the aforementioned lich, and he lets off all kinds of hate smells.

"She's a nice lady!" Dur-Dur-Dur says.

"Some of the party members made deals with her," Valour tells Artus, taking a sly glance at… well, damn near everyone.

🌱 swats at the Ioun stone floating around his head.

"Did anyone make any promises that we can't go back on?" Zanzibar says, remembering that they exchanged a whole lot of personal information with the well-spoken, undead woman who casts high level spells.

"I made a promise,” Valour says.

"What was your promise?" 🌱 says.

"That I was going to kill that bitch,” Valour says. “I told her I wasn't going to fight her in her house, but... I'm willing to make changes.”

Valour decides that he doesn't need other people's opinions to be part of the group.

"What did the lich woman do?" Artus says, not sure about trusting lich people. He’s not judgmental or anything, but… you know… just doesn’t trust dead folk.

"She is after the Soulmonger," Valour says. "But she doesn't want it destroyed. She wants it quarantined. And she offered us some powerful help if we agree to help her, and I refused. But do you notice 🌱’s brand new satellite?” Valour points at the Ioun stone.

"I usually say yes!" 🌱 says with bandwagonish glee.

"All I'm saying is that she offered to find my daddy and nobody else has," Dur-Dur-Dur says.

"We're looking for him!" Valour shouts.

"Have you found him?" Dur-Dur-Dur says.

"We're working on it!” Valour says. “And Artus, she promised us something about how the Red Wizards of Thay would be cool with us."

"Yeah they like us now," Zanzibar says in regard to the people he actively tried to annihilate in an attempt to obtain a spellbook.

"But we ARE destroying the Soulmonger..." Artus says affirmatively. Like, with a lot of gumption. While looking at everyone.

... The man's trying to get laid, okay? Fair enough motivation!

"That's my intention, "Valour says.

"I'm not going to stop anyone!" 🌱 says, neutrally.

"Can you find me a beautiful lich woman if we destroy it?" Ezekiel says, smitten by Valindra’s beauty.

"Sure!" 🌱 says.

Zanzibar goes for a walk and finds 8 oz of menga leaves for the party to use for drug related activities. "I think I found more of this plant shit!" he says, then gives them to 🌱.

The party casts Leomund’s tiny hut to rest for the night, but they do so away from the lich woman who ominously floats over the swamp in a heart-shaped rock.

They wake up and realize they need to find the airship since it's not here. They then argue with the DM and say that the airship was definitely marked on their map, and they would have known where it was, even if they can't find it now, so the DM marks it again.

Y’all keep track of your shit!

So they head towards the Star Goddess wreck and bump into some giant frogs that tell them they are near the River Tath. Valour wants 🌱 to summon some bugs to repay the giant frogs, but 🌱 can’t do that since the bugs are fey and not real bugs.

“Ask them if they have any hopes and dreams,” Valour says. “You can turn them into rhinos for the day!”

They don’t. They're frogs. The party sleeps for the night.

All except Valour!

"Zanzibar wake up!" Valour says, hearing an assortment of creepy whispering stuff in his head. He thought he was done with this shit!

"What?" Zanzibar says, waking up.

"Ah! It's in my head! Whispers and voices!" Valour screams, running around in a panic.

"That was me," Ezekiel says, scooting up close to him. "Whispering sweet nothings."

"Sweet nothing nothing!" Valour shouts. He concentrates against the noise, but manages to pick out one intelligible word among the cacophony: FEATHERS.

"I told you those birds are evil, evil birds!" Dur-Dur-Dur says, gripping Valour by the face. "Get outta his head, birds!" Dur-Dur-Dur hits him.

Ezekiel peers out the protective snowglobe and notices that, as silly as Dur-Dur-Dur’s claims are, several kingfishers are nesting in the trees nearby. The birds eye the party curiously.

Valour runs around and makes lots of noise, either because of the whispers in his head or the ork on his head—nobody knows.

Ezekiel remembers from his years of not paying attention at all those fancy schools his father sent him to that kingfishers are harbingers of power. They are a sign of terrible, torrential might that even the most gifted of warriors would buckle under.

"These are just symbols of oncoming power!" Ezekiel says, disregarding the birds.

🌱 chases Valour around the tiny hut. "Are these whispers like Nanny Pu’pu or are they a different ones?

"They're just like the Pu’pu whispers!" Valour shouts.

"Do you think she came back to life?" 🌱 says.

"If she did, I'm ready! She killed Eku!" Valour says, standing his ground.

Artus Cimber silences the group with a shout. "This is a sign of the King of Feathers!"

"Explain!” Valour says, not silenced enough. “I mean, I know what those words mean, but I've never heard them put that way."

Artus sits down and closes his eyes, recounting the legends he heard on his exploits in Chult. "There is a place called the Gleaming Fins—a stilted village in the marsh. It has been gone for many years, unapproachable in Pretzelcoatl’s magic, much like Mezro. The return of these kingfishers means the return of the Gleaming Fins, and the return of the Gleaming Fins means the return of the King of Feathers. A hunting party from Omu killed him decades ago, but a few weeks later, he reappeared. Watch out for kingfishers. He uses them as spies. He could be anyone,” Artus Cimber opens his eyes. Even you."

A dead silence lingers in the night air.

For, like, half a second.

"But I'm 🌱,” 🌱 says.

"Quick what's my favorite color!" Dur-Dur-Dur shouts.

Panic fills the hut as everyone accuses each other of being the villainous King of Feathers!

"If you want us, come and get us!" Valour shouts at the kingfishers from behind the near invincible protective dome of Leomund’s tiny hut.

"Dude calm down!" 🌱 says.

"You're welcome to come visit my head!" Dur-Dur-Dur shouts at the whispering birds "Come on in! There's plenty of room!"

The whispers die down, allowing the party to have a good night’s sleep. The next day, they keep paddling southward, but they’re still being tailed by the kingfishers.

Artus shoots an arrow at a kingfisher, and it dissipates into mist, fading into the air.

"Do it again!" Dur-Dur-Dur says.

Artus shoots another one, but as it dissipates, another kingfisher materializes in the smoke next to it.

Valour casts compelled duel on the bird, paddles up, then divine smites it. He grabs an empty jar and traps the bird’s smokey soul inside the jar.

"Are you trying to keep the spy with us?" 🌱 says.

"Maybe if we trap them in jars, we can bury them." Valour points out.

The smoke in the jar reforms into a kingfisher, which tries pecking its way out of the jar to no avail.

Dur-Dur-Dur uses his beast sense ability to communicate with the creature.

"I don't these are actually beasts, my friend,” Zanzibar says, looking at the strange creature.

The bird doesn’t respond.

"It's a very rude bird!" Dur-Dur-Dur says.

Valour puts the jar into a coin pouch and tightens up the drawstring. He digs a hole and buries the bird in the marsh.

"Justice is burying birds in the marsh!" Valour shouts.

"Don't know what kind of tree that will grow into." Dur-Dur-Dur says, which leads perfectly into our next vignette!

🌱 hears a nearby tree whispering, so he goes to investigate the anomaly. This tree is unlike any tree he's ever witnessed, and he's seen some fucking weird trees. He feels like it has the souls of birds inside. Valour waves a torch around to scare the tree into submission.

"I want it to tell us what we want to know!" Valour says, ever the astute interrogator.

🌱 casts speak with plants so that he and the tree can have a nice conversation without the torch-wielding paladin overhearing the shenanigans.

"What is your name," the tree whispers to 🌱.

"I'm 🌱. I come from afar."

"The birds want to escape…” the tree says. “Burning lets them out."

"Burning sets them free?" 🌱 says quietly, not wanting to give Valour any “incentives."

"Are you a dreamer?" the tree says.

"No… more of a lounger" 🌱 says.

The tree fills 🌱‘s mind with an image. "Like rain-laden wind, clove wine, a lover you once knew... incense sets us free!"

Valour takes out Shatterspike and carves some bark from the creepy tree.

"Deeper you must dig,” the tree says.

"Ezekiel this is your kind of tree here!" Valour says, uncomfortable that this tree is actively seeking to be beaten and chopped like a knotty boy.

Dur-Dur-Dur steps up and chops off a limb with Durminator.

"To the heart," the tree says.

Valour raises Shatterspike and stabs it into the center of the tree. Sap pools around the shaft, seeping from the tree’s heart. Valour pulls his sword from the tree, revealing that the sword is now covered in sticky, sweet, aromatic sap. The party is able to bottle 14 vials worth of the stuff.

Dur-Dur-Dur points out that he’s heard of this stuff before, and that when the sap is burned and inhaled, prophecy spells and such don’t give back falsehoods when cast.

"Prophecy... like what's that school our wizard uses?" Valour says.

"Divinity!" Zanzibar shouts.

Valour divvies out the vials of tree juice to the party.

"Thank you, tree,” 🌱 says.

Valour takes a tree limb so that the casters can make a staff with it, which sounds cool as hell.

They then set off through the swamp until they come across sturdier ground. As they trek across the muddy undergrowth, a cascade of fog creeps in around them.

Footsteps rumble in the distance…

Ezekiel draws his halberd and readies for battle. Meanwhile, Artus Cimber uses the Ring of Winter to conjure a giant elk made of ice. 🌱 casts shillelagh and wildshapes into his symbiote form. Dur-Dur-Dur hears the footsteps coming from the southeast, so he dashes towards the noise and gets ready to—


The King of Feathers is here!

Dur-Dur-Dur shits his pants a little and slams his axe into the massive tyrannosaurus’ toe. The impact causes the ground itself to rumble at his hit, but not because he’s strong or anything. There’s weird voodoo nonsense happening!

Dur-Dur-Dur is joined in the frontline by Dragonbait and Valour, who is riding Quest. The horse slams into the King of Feathers, and Valour uses a wrathful smite to smash the King of Feathers in its toe. Nearby, a tree collapses and the marsh explodes with a burst of fetid air.

From the back line, Zanzibar casts magic missile and… you know… kind of helps.

The King of Feathers is surrounded by the party’s front line offense, but none of that matters because the fog piles into the celestial dinosaur, and it casts misty step to get out of the fray. The King of Feathers charges straight towards the line of spellcasters! Ezekiel swings his halberd as a readied action, but he lunges out of the way as the dinosaur opens its mouth.

The King of feathers clamps his teeth on 🌱, dealing 73 magic damage with a critical hit as he snatches 🌱 into his jaws. He takes a second bite, completely dropping 🌱 with 51 magic damage. He tilts his head back, and 🌱 slides down the King of Feathers’ throat! Zanzibar screams, and the King of Feathers slams Zanzibar with his tail for 26 damage!

Holy shit, 🌱 just got eaten by a t-rex!

Ezekiel curses the King of Feathers with some warlock shit, then swings at him with his halberd, critically injuring it as it snacks on 🌱.

Artus Cimber commands the giant ice elk to attack the King of Feathers with its hooves, then the ringbearer casts an ice spell straight at the King of Feathers, but the dinosaur succeeds on its save and suffers minimal damage, which is the worst kind of damage that a gigantic dinosaur enemy can suffer.

Dur-Dur-Dur runs back across the marsh like a Pomeranian hot on the heels of an invader and slams Durminator into the King of Feathers’ foot. Dragonbait follows suit, stabbing the same foot with his Holy Avenger. Valour also has a magical weapon for the Magical Weapon Gang, so he charges up with Quest and slams Shatterspike into the King of Feathers’ foot also.

Valour then casts shield of faith on himself because one of his party members just got devoured, and if any more party members are going to be devoured, then he wants to be the last.

Zanzibar raises his hands and gets ready to cast polymorph.

"Polymorph the t-rex into a weasel! Then we can put him in a jar and bury him in the ground!" 🌱 and Valour shout at Zanzibar, but the wizard has seen the t-rexes saves… they’re impressive.

So instead, Zanzibar casts polymorph on himself, transforming into a giant ape and creating a wonderful tableau that’s reminiscent of King Kong vs. Godzilla. Oh, and since Zanzibar now looks dangerous as hell, the King of Feathers bites him, critically strikes again, and causes Zanzibar to lose his concentration—now he’s just an old man again!

And he’s dangling from the King of Feathers’ mouth!

And the King of Feathers has another bite attack!

The King of Feathers sinks his teeth into Zanzibar’s flesh, then slurps the elder wizard into his gullet. He then swipes his tail at Ezekiel, but the warlock dodges the attack, which collides into the ground.

Two party members have now been devoured by the giant tyrannosaurus, but fortunately there are two NPC’s, so the players aren’t entirely unable to participate!

Ezekiel hexes the t-rex for with another magic something-or-another from a sourcebook I’m not familiar with, which gives it disadvantage on strength checks. The warlock then swings his halberd around and crits the monster for 33 damage.

Artus Cimber casts ice magic with his ice finger, but the King of Feathers uses legendary resistance and succeeds on the save because he just feels like it, okay!

With hate in his heart, death in his hands, and couches in his head, Dur-Dur-Dur leaps up with Durminator and slams it into the King of Feathers. The dinosaur putrefies instantly, its skin sloughing away while rotten meant splashes in the marsh. The dinosaur’s ribs poke through, but as the dead beast collapses to the wet ground, the party sees no sign of their devoured comrades in the King of Feathers’ stomach.


🌱 and Zanzibar’s souls are dredged through the aether, pulled south by the Soulmonger’s embrace. But hold up! Hold up! Hold up! They didn’t just get eaten by a t-rex.

They got eaten by a magic t-rex!

🌱 and Zanzibar wake up. They’re naked, of course. They find themselves in a series of wet, earthy tunnels reeking of sulfur and humidities. Steam fills the air, and there are several paths to go through.

One of the paths sounds like monkeys, so 🌱 makes an executive decision to go that-a-way!

After going down the creepy purgatory tunnel, the spellcasters come across a room full of water, stalactites, stalagmites, and a kneeling monkey statue that’s holding up two brick-shaped bricks.

🌱 bows, emulating the monkey statue’s pose.

Zanzibar bows, emulating whatever the hell will make this adventure less scary. Nothing happens. He scoots up to the monkey statue and sees that the two bricks are slightly hovering off the monkey’s hands!

🌱 decides that if monkey-see means monkey-do, then monkey-shrine means monkey-summon. But instead of summoning monkeys, he summons some apes. The apes splash around in the water, grab the two bricks, and slap the ground—you know, looking for traps. Finding none, the party returns back to the crossroads.

Led by apes, the spellcasters trek up another pathway, which brings them to a hall with several mirrors. Since this is spooky voodoo land, these mirrors obviously got some weird shit going on with them. Zanzibar peers into a mirror and sees himself at the ripe age of 24 again—before the ghost shenanigans. 🌱 looks into a mirror and sees himself as a ripe, massive, mega-cluster colony of fungal spores that have grown over a vast swathe of land.

Good life goals all around!

As 🌱 admires himself as a piece of real estate, the image shimmers to a skull-faced grimace bedecked with a crown. The face leers at him, then utters a word, “Acerark.”

The image disappears.

“Hey Zanzibar, I think this skull-face thing just spoke its name. It’s Acererak.”

Zanzibar makes concerned metagaming noises.

"I think we should go deeper!" 🌱 says. "Sally forth, apes!"

They enter another room and find cages hanging from the ceiling over a bamboo floor. Within two of the cages are an elder, bearded orc and a humanoid made completely out of hands. Yep, hands.

Just like in Grandfather Zitembe’s scrying vision when he was looking for Dur-Dur-Dur’s lost daddy!

The hand monster begins to open its cage. Everyone begins to freak out. 🌱 sends an ape at the hand monster to fend it off, but the hand monster grapples the ape and starts to pull the it apart after shoving its fingers into the ape’s mouth, nose, ears, and… places. 🌱 uses a second ape to pull the door of the orc’s cage open.

The elderly orc stumbles out of the cage and locks eyes with the other PC’s.

"You're Dur-Dur aren't you?" Zanzibar says, stunned.

"I haven't heard my name in years..." Dur-Dur rasps to the naked people.

"We hear that name like 12 times a day!" Valour shouts from afar.

The party plus Dur-Dur advances back to the crossroads of cavernous halls, leaving some apes to get fondled fondly back in the handsy room. They go through another door, which opens into a dome-shaped room with kingfishers hanging from the ceiling. The floor rises and lowers, as though it’s one of those bouncy-houses with air being let in and out.

They tiptoe across the floor towards a door on the other side, but as the ape steps forward, a kingfisher shrieks!

"Stupid ape! Come here!" the kingfisher says.

"No I'm not going to do that!" 🌱 says.

"Trapped you are! Where do you want?" the kingfisher shouts, then flutters down. Unlike the others, this kingfisher isn’t solid—but made of smokey wisps. "Which belly? Lists bellies!" it shouts.

The party thinks, unsure of what the hell this smoke bird is asking.

"Which one of these will get us out of here. And how do we help you?" 🌱 says.

"Ummmmm..." Zanzibar says.

"To the cloth-filled belly!" the kingfisher says with an obnoxious shriek.

“Do you know how to get to this belly?” 🌱 says.

“Yes! Sikkukurut will show you the way! Follow Sikkukurut!” the kingfisher says, pointing the way wile sitting on Zanzibar’s shoulder.

The party soon ends up in a massive room scattered with clothes and accessories, like an abandoned shopping mall. Standing in the center, sorting through the clothes, is a golem composed of thousands of little pebbles.

Zanzibar and 🌱 recognize their missing clothes among the pile, but the pebble golem seems to be standing guard. 🌱 takes the two floating brick things from the monkey statue room and offers them to the pebble golem, who accepts the offering and inserts the bricks into its chest, absorbing them.

The pebble golem then hovers in the air in a great display, and then it shows the party to their missing gear.

The party suits up!

While doing so, Zanzibar realizes that Dur-Dur is a half-orc/half-dwarf, which means Dur-Dur-Dur is at least a quarter-dwarf… and Dur-Dur-Dur hates dwarves. Sounds like some Freudian underlying fatherly hatred to me!

🌱 grabs a bunch of gloves to make his own hand-monster outfit and hangs it up at the entrance so that if the hand monster follows them, he doesn't have to be naked.

"Look very nice! Very fresh!" Sikkukurut shouts.

"Did you use to be a human?" 🌱 says.

"Not filthy human. Godling!" Sikkukurut says. “To the stone belly!”

The party enters the stone belly, which has a massive pile of pebbles stacked in the center, flanked by benches. At the top of the room is a valve-like hatch, which opens up as a woman’s hand reaches down to pick up a stone.

"She doesn't like Sikkukurut..." the kingfisher says.

"Why?" 🌱 says.

"She is the Queen of Feathers!" Sikkukurut mutters, then dives its smokey body into Zanzibar’s beard to hide.

"What happens if we take a stone?" Zanzibar says, admiring the stack of pebbles.

"You have taken enough stones already,” Sikkukurut mutters. “She has already taken some for you!"

The party climbs through the hatch and finds themselves in a little cottage. Within are glorious tapestries, a weaving machine, and a little basket with smooth, finished pebbles. Sitting at the weaving machine is a beautiful woman clad in fine silks and tattoos—the Queen of Feathers. She’s weaving, and her indifferent stare lingers on the adventurers.

“Come in,” she mutters. “Have stew, if you please. It won’t matter, but who are we without manners? I will raise pebble mounds by the river, for you.”

The party introduces themselves.

"How do we get back to our friends in Chult?" Zanzibar says, unsure if they are even in Chult anymore.

"I assume my husband ate you?” she says, raising a lazy eyebrow as she continues weaving. “He wasn't always that way..."

🌱 shakes his head. "You can do better than this! You are so strong and independent! Why even be married to him anyways?"

The Queen of Feathers closes her eyes and recites the Song of Vung Si Vung:

Once there lived a man called Vung Si Vung, said to be invulnerable—not spear nor arrow pierced his bronzed skin.

Such was his fame, the chief of that time grew envious, seeing in him a rival.

One day, returning home, he found his wife taken. The chief and his soldiers, having subjected her to tortures, wrested from her her husband’s secrets:

That he had won his strength from the spirits of the land.

But he had failed to appease the spirits of the River That.

So Vung Si Vung found his wife murdered upon a spike, on a muddy bank, and the chief’s soldiers waiting. Filled with grief, he fought them there.

Though he was mighty, they were too many—and, being near running water near the River That, he had no special protection. So he died.

The chief, filled with spite, defiled the bodies of husband and wife, leaving them as carrion in red mud, conducting no funerary rites.

This, over everything, was a breach of propriety, and greatly offended the spirits. Claiming Vung Si Vung with the tide, taking pity on him, they said, “Oh warrior, in death you have our blessing, go you now in a terrible form, as a feathered, reptilian predator, to visit fear and justice onto your enemies! Let it be so, from this very day!”

The party takes in this haunting story and then instantly asks how to kill the sumbitch, "When we fight your husband, what's the best strategy to defeat with?" Zanzibar says.

"He is wild and mad. If you speak as animals do, you will understand him,” the Queen says.

"Can we bring our friends?" 🌱 says.

She shakes her head. "No. Your friends are not dead..."

The Queen of Feathers then reveals the item she has been weaving, which is a cloth sarong as hard as steel. She gives it to Zanzibar, who wraps it around him to give him a much better armor class. The Queen then sends the party on their way.

As the PC’s step through a planar void, they arrive in a bamboo longhouse with a floor made of people’s skulls. Two beastly golems of human teeth guard a pair of corpses lying on an altar—male and female: the King and Queen of Feathers.

Creeping within the rafters is a human male, eyes wide with beastly instinct. Tooth-shaped tattoos line his back in rows. He eyes the PC’s, ready to pounce. He isn’t tangible—but a revenant effigy of what a man once was: Vung Si Vung.

🌱 casts beast sense and speaks to the man in the rafters, "Fear not for we have come to lay all to rest! Peace, slumber, an end to this pain." He then casts animate dead on the King of Feathers’ corpse.

Vung Si Vung climbs down the rafters and stares at his own animated corpse, then gazes down to the corpse of his wife.

"This one!" Vung Si Vuyng rasps, laying a hand on her forehead.

🌱 animates wife’s corpse as well, and it locks eyes with Vung Si Vung. He puppets the corpse to speak, "… End it..."

Vung Si Vung nods, a tear streaking down his haggard face, and draws a machete. He presses the blade into his chest, then shoves the weapon up to the hilt. He disappears, and the menacing tooth golems crumble into a pile of chattering teeth. A ladder leading upward emerges in the back.

🌱, Zanzibar, Dur-Dur, Sikkukurut, and the animated corpses climb the ladder and emerge from a tower high above the edge of the Aldani Basin. They’re free!

"We need to book it to the river and give these zombies a proper burial,” 🌱 says. “Hey what's your name again?"

"Dur-Dur,” Dur-Dur murmurs.

"How old are you?" 🌱 says.


"You want me to give you a pack of smokes so that Dur-Dur-Dur thinks you left for cigarettes?" 🌱 says, laughing to himself. Though hell, if 🌱 could grow tobacco out of his body, the PC’s could have a lucrative business.

🌱 goes to the River Tath and draws a shovel with the Marvelous Pigments, which uses up the last bit of paint, then he makes the zombie mummies dig their own graves near the river. One for both of them. Let’s be utilitarian here, okay?

🌱 removes his hat and speaks over the bodies, "I did not appreciate being eaten by the King of Feathers, but I understood why you had to do it now that I've been through these trials and tribulations. I get where you’re coming from because all you wanted to do was eat all humans because they desecrated your wife and your corpses. I say unto thee, may your spirits rest in whatever peace you may find, but please don't rest in power. That was too much. Go to hell." Instead of shoveling the dirt, he kicks it a little and gives the shovel to Dur-Dur. "Zanzibar you got anything to say?"

"Uh yeah. I agree. I also did not enjoy being eaten at first by such a great man and beast and to know your story, I have learned and in learning, I have benefited. Thank you for your lessons,” Zanzibar says.

🌱 then uses scorching ray to shoot three fiery beams into the air like fireworks.

Later that night…

Dur-Dur-Dur and Valour are hugging each other as they sleep off the terrible day spent watching two party members getting devoured.

"Huh, father said things would be dangerous, but I didn't get hurt at all!" Ezekiel says from his bedroll, admiring his Hit Points.

The next day, Zanzibar, 🌱, and crew wake up and get ready to find the rest of their party.

"Just so you know..." Zanzibar says to Dur-Dur. "We're friends with your son. But we might run into him, like, today. Are you okay with that?"

"Yes! I'm free from the King of Feathers!" Dur-Dur says.

🌱 rolls up his sleeve and casts skywrite so that the party can find them, "DUR-DUR-DUR AND VALOUR! DUR-DUR FOUND. MEET US NORTHWEST. BRING REWARD."

About thirty miles to the southeast, the other half of the party sees the writing in the sky.

"Who is Dur-Dur?" Ezekiel says.

Oh no… he done fucked up.

Dur-Dur-Dur slaps Ezekiel so hard he almost contracts lycanthropy. "THAT'S MY DADDY YOU FOOL!"

Dur-Dur-Dur then throws everyone into the boat and takes off through the Aldani Basin swampland, heading northwest.

Soon to reunite, 🌱 and Zanzibar and Dur-Dur notice an… issue. Their maximum hit point score has dropped by one after waking up, which can mean only one thing: they have died and returned to life, and the death curse is now killing them.

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