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Happy Jack's Funhouse

Happy Jack’s Funhouse is an adventure for four to six characters of levels 3rd thru 6th. Scaling suggestions are included for characters of up to 10th level. The adventure takes place in Happy Jack’s Funhouse, where the adventurers encounter strange creatures, traps, and games.

Shadowed Bellview


Some things are best left to rot in their forgotten temples. Even in the isolated village of Bellview,
common folk suffers the consequences of a treasure hunter’s greed.

A Two-Hour Adventure for Tier 1 Characters. Optimized for APL 3.

Commissioned by Mount Ogden Gaming Company.

Encounters on the Savage Seas

Encounters on the Savage Seas is a 100-page supplement containing mini-adventures, NPCs, new ships, locations, and magic items. In all, the writers have produced 19 unique encounters, NPCs, and locations for you to add to any nautical campaign. We’ve even included scaling suggestions so they can be used with different party levels.

My entry in this anthology is "Broken City, Shattered Mind" commissioned by Jeff C. Stevens.

Villains & Lairs

Expand your game with this collection of 56 NPCs of various Challenge Ratings, thirteen of which include maps and details of their lairs. Add these NPCs as a side-quest, a main villain, a one-shot, a bounty for easy money, or however else you wish. Written by some of the best-selling authors on the Dungeon Masters Guild and outstanding podcasters, each NPC includes an image, a backstory, motives, flaws, and a stat block. Some even include new magic items!

My entry in this anthology is "Joy and the Grinmen," commissioned by Jeff C. Stevens.

The Madhouse of Tasha's Kiss

A small village, empty of villagers except for one boy found sitting and weeping next to a jester’s pageant wagon. The boy explains that the villagers, including his family, followed a jester into the wagon and never came out. A portal to a pocket dimension is found inside the wagon, leading to a brass door with the word Madhouse etched into it. What lays beyond the door? What madness could the adventurers face? Can they save the villagers, or will they go mad trying?

Commissioned by Jeff C. Stevens.

Encounters in the Savage Frontier

What will your adventurers find in the Savage Wilderness? This supplement gives you a few ideas: a pet ochre jelly, a strange hotel, ritualistic trolls, a dying hippogriff, and many more. This 116-page supplement contains 19 encounters written by best-selling Dungeon Masters Guild writers and new writers!

My entry in this anthology is "And the Grove Still Screams" commissioned by Jeff C. Stevens.

Breath of Gorr

Along the eastern realm of Fanria, war drums roll over the countryside. Rumor says that the orc god of feasts, Gorr, has ascended the banquet halls of the Yawning Hells and united the scattered orc tribes under one banner: the Skall Nation. Once a mass of disorganized war chiefs and city states, the orcs of Fanria now have the leadership to rise from their squalor and eradicate neighbors.

Commissioned by Encounter Roleplay.

The Clockwork Queen

The Clockwork Queen and the Dame of Dirt have been fierce rivals for years - but a brazen abduction sees the situation escalate dangerously. To put matters right, the party must scale an ever-changing clockwork tower full of weird magic and mechanical mayhem, and attempt a daring rescue!

Commissioned by M.T. Black

Into Ivy Mansion

Our heroes are approached by Tristan Harpell, an entitled young mage and heir to a suite of rooms in Ivy Mansion, the ancestral home of the Harpell wizard dynasty. His inheritance is “infested” with the wacky experiments of his dead great-uncle, Siegfried Harpell, and Tristan needs the party to clean things up.

Commissioned by M.T. Black

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