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The Remley Farr Collection

A collection of six D&D 5e adventures


Save over 30% by buying this collection of the following Dungeons and Dragons 5E titles written by me: The Sun Goes Down with a Ruby Smile, Fishing for Gods in Strade's Gallows, The Fasting Worm at the Spider Feast, Seized Fire for the Ceasefire, Fetch the Rucksack Howlers, and Everyone Plows the Graveyard Farm.

The Iron Dreamer - Weekend Oneshot no. 1

A D&D 5e adventure for level 4-10 characters


fter a pair of minotaur adventurers infiltrate the Archforge and slay its dragon ruler, they discover that the treasure inside is an imprisoned Archfey—and now they’re the wardens. After years of extorting the Archfey’s power, whispers of treasure, magic, and dissention seep into the countryside. Is it time for another group of adventurers to steal control of the mighty Archfey?

Ruthie's Angel

An OSR adventure set in Colonial America.


A small opium harvesting expedition in Colonial America is beset by a terrible glass beast that threatens to shut down their operation. Coupled with haunting premonitions from a local crippled boy, a religious figurehead doping the township with opioids, and scheming merchant thieves, how will the PC’s handle this situation?

Uses Lamentations of the Flame Princess rules, notably gunpowder weapons and a Colonial American setting somewhere between 1629 and 1683 (can be adapted to any setting and time period with minor changes).

Bloodletter (Dwiergus Issue #3)

A spellcasting martial class of blood magic


After eons of seclusion, the Omnicarnate wakes its denizens. The age of slumber is over, and newly blooded warriors need their mentors more than ever. With the paragon wards open for training, the mortal world can rest easy—at least one bastion remains to fight the Old Forman’s atrocities. The bloodletters—warriors steeped in blood magic—wield libraries of ancestral combat knowledge.

Fleshforge (Dwiergus Issue #2)

A D&D 5e collection of hellborne monsters for all levels.


His name was Dwiergus, a demon lord, and his name was forgotten. His name was buried in the 558th layer of the Abyss, in vein-latticed industry spewing out half-shaped demons gasping into fleshy aether: the Fleshforges.

Petey's Pork Pie Emporium (Dwiergus Issue #1)

A D&D 5e adventure for level 3-5 characters.


Lady Falyse is missing! But rumors abound that she was list seen working as a server at Petey's Pork Pie Emporium, a local homestyle restaurant. But wait... she's moved up to Corporate? Where is that? And why do all the employees seem so oblivious to her disappearance?

Everyone Plows the Graveyard Farm

A D&D 5e adventure for level 1-3 characters


Giant bugs have ravaged the farming town of Castillo, and as society crumbles, warring factions rise from the rubble. Can the PC’s navigate this new society well enough to find an altruistic solution, or will they choose a side and determine who will rule the dead-littered town?

Fetch the Rucksack Howlers

A D&D 5e adventure for level 1 characters


Gnolls and humans living together? Such an event was deemed impossible until Simon Rucksack, a halfling kennelmaster, domesticated the Cragteeth Warband. But can the gnolls truly learn civilized kinship, or will their natural killer instinct come slavering back?

The Sun Goes Down with a Ruby Smile

A D&D 5e adventure for level 1 characters


A small port seems the perfect place to dock when a freak storm forces the small trade cog, Sea's Rock, to find solid ground. But the newly discovered port town raises questions: where are all the residents, and are any of them still alive?

Fishing for Gods in Strade's Gallows

A D&D 5E campaign for players level 2-3


A medical shipment to the swampy town of Strade's Gallows takes a turn for the eccentric when the party happens across enigmatic shrimp-men who begin to worship them as gods. Can the party solve the mystery of Strade's Gallows' ailment, or will their new disciples botch it all up?ur audience's attention...

The Fasting Worm at the Spider Feast

A D&D 5E adventure for players level 8


Eons ago, the demon lord Shomarrah defamed Lolth the Spider Queen, condemning herself into the cursed life of a massive purple worm. Now Shomarrah's desecrated body serves as a drow fortress, guarded by a mad sorcerer and his team of driders. What deeper evils lie within?

Seized Fire for the Ceasefire

A D&D 5E adventure for players level 10


Fleur Sleetshaper was a rare gem of a dwarf: born from a northern clan, she dedicated her life to the study of fire and ice magic. After building an icy tower on a glacier, she helped found the crabbing village of Firnboro, but in the last thirty years, she and the people of Firnboro have disappeared. Did Fleur's arcane studies have a hand in Firnboro's disappearance?

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