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BQ-31: Dead in Aldani

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

The party leaves Badu and their new contact who knows all about Zanzibar’s family’s exploits except for the whole magical aging thing—that was a new one! Dur-Dur-Dur goes by Azaka's cabin and totes Zanzibar with him the whole way there. 🌱 goes too, but is not toted.

He is never... ever... toted.

"Quick, make catnip grow around here!" Dur-Dur-Dur says to 🌱.

"I can't just make catnip grow. Do you have any catnip?" 🌱 says.

Dur-Dur-Dur doesn't.

"Did Azaka leave us an egg before she left, like Eku did?" 🌱 says.

Dur-Dur-Dur goes inside Azaka's cabin and sees that her battered living room still has all the same shit as before: busted up furniture, mounted animal heads, couch, you know—just weretiger things. He takes the cushion off of her cat bed.

He then takes a piece of paper and scribbles on it, "DUR-DUR-DUR WAS HERE. PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH AZAKA’S STUFF OR I WILL…” he then draws 27 ellipses. “… HURT YOU.” He then asks 🌱 to draw him a winky face since Dur-Dur-Dur can't speak druidic, so 🌱 scribbles 😉 onto the paper.

Zanzibar does absolutely nothing.

They take Azaka’s cat cushion to Grandfather Zitembe’s so that he can use it to scry on her. He plucks a strand of hair off the cushion, then gazes over his scrying pool.

"I see a shipwreck…” Zitembe says, squinting his eyes. “The boat is strung upon the branches of the jungle. Sails… sails everywhere. I see you friend… She is not alone. She is with a man who is sharing this place with her. She looks very disheveled, as does this man. There seems to be some movement beneath them... The bushes have eyes! These are vegepygmies!"

Zitembe then explains that vegepygmies are tiny, fungal, moldy creatures who are sentient and small—not evil, but not above consuming humanoid flesh if it’s available.

"I like that a lot!" 🌱 says.

"If it's green, it's fine with me!" Dur-Dur-Dur says.

The party wants to find where Azaka is exactly, but Zitembe can't pinpoint where she is on their map. He's not that kind of quest giver.

Zanzibar leaves to do some research in the library downstairs, hoping he can locate their lost guide based on what they saw. As he opens a book, Dur-Dur-Dur shouts from above "WAIT A SECOND WAIT A SECOND WAIT A SECOND! I heard a rumor from some people in the town last night. Some of these people were expecting an airship from the Halruins, but I believe it crashed in the jungle. It's called the Star Goddess..."

"The Star Goddess..." Zanzibar says.

"Might as well call it the Meteorite Goddess!" Dur-Dur-Dur chuckles, now aware of astronomical bodies due to the headband of intellect he's wearing.

Valour recalls that they know where the crashed ship is. He points at a spot on the map. When the party climbed Mbala several weeks ago, 🌱 could see all over Chult, and 🌱 remembered seeing what looked like a crashed shipwreck in the jungle.

"We would have gotten there quicker but something blew up!" 🌱 says.

"Before what happened?" Valour says.

"What about going to see the guardian over here,” Zanzibar says, pointing at Orolunga on the map.

"What guardian!?" Valour says, now really confused.

They fill Valour in about Mauratal and Xandala’s betrayal, then they bring up the coatl egg that Valour has been toting around.

"Hey what about this?" Valour shows the egg to Zitembe.

"That's an egg of a coatl...” Zitembe says, stunned.

"Listen, you gotta get over the fact that we're bringing you some weird shit..." Valour says. “Now how do we get this thing to hatch?

"They only hatch after certain conditions are met,” Zitembe says.

“Well yeah that’s how all eggs work!” 🌱 says.

“It's different for coatls,” Zitembe says. “This one... they are divine creatures. Perhaps something more divine would hatch it?"

Valour lays on hands the egg and nothing happens. It’s still an egg. And he’s still agitated.

"Would the guardian of Chult know?" Valour asks, looking at the map to Orolunga.

"It would know much more than I do,” Zitembe says.

The party then debates their tactics on how they’re going to reach Orolunga and Omu. Valour even considers taking their ship, which is a tactic he rarely wants since he doesn’t want to risk losing it. They fuss back and forth on how to best navigate their trajectory.

Ezekiel, not knowing a lot of their jargon, leans over and points at the map, "Ooooh! Ruins of Mauratal. That sounds interesting!"

"It WAS very interesting, but we can never go there again,” Zanzibar pouts.

"We could go there, but we need a coatl. Do you know anything about coatls?" Valour asks Ezekiel.

"Coatls? Oh, I thought you said coitus..." Ezekiel says.

"You stay away from the egg!" Valour says, then realizes that maybe if the egg is brought to a deity of sorts, it might hatch.

Dur-Dur-Dur reminds Valour that Nangnang is a deity.

Dur-Dur-Dur is promptly ignored.

"Zanzibar, doesn't your dad own a witch with some candles that let us talk to gods?" Valour says, thinking he can communicate with a deity to hatch the egg.

"You can't own a witch!" Zanzibar says.

"Witches aren't people!" Valour says.

"Heck yeah they’re not,” 🌱 says. “Her name was Nanny Pu’pu, not Nanny People, and we killed her and kicked her head off a cliff!"

Wizard of Oz would have been a much shorter film had 🌱 been the protagonist.

They then leave the Temple of Savras and head out to buy adventuring and dungeoneering gear, especially lots and lots of healing potions and reagents for spellcasting.

"If we need anything else, we can paint it!” 🌱 says, seeing that their shopping is taking too long. “But we don't have much paint left. And we need to get out of here before Lady Akunai or whatever her name is—Kwaothé—finds us.”

They set out from Port Nyanzaru during the afternoon to rendezvous with Artus Cimber and Dragonbait at the mine. They arrive late at night, finding them hiding in the cave behind the vine. Valour smells lemons.

"Hey Dragonbait. It's us," Valour says.

They realize that the assassin vines aren’t moving out of the way on their own. Someone needs to pull them back.

"Hey Ezekiel, tieflings regenerate their arms right? You're like a salamander?" 🌱 says, looking at the assassin vines.

"I believe you've been misled..." Ezekiel says.

🌱 casts speak with plants, which is a much lamer way to get them to open than having a party member lose a hand. "Hey guys. Y'all are my friends... sooo..."

The assassin vines part and let the PC’s through. With the party reunited with their NPC’s, Dragonbait and Artus take up the nightly watch while the players, who take a much-needed rest. They wake up with the next day with no problems.

They head down the River Soshenstar with their canoes, separated like so: 🌱, Dur-Dur-Dur, and Zanzibar are in the painted canoe; Dragonbait and Artus Cimber are in their own canoe; Valour and Ezekiel are in the third canoe. The remaining two canoes are towed behind them.

They head south, their destination being the vast unknown of southern Chult. While paddling, Zanzibar sees a wooden crate covered in mildew and moss, abandoned. "I suggest Dur-Dur-Dur examine it," he says.

Dur-Dur-Dur paddles the boat with all three of them in it up to the crate, and he opens it.

He finds four quivers each with several arrows in them are stashed inside. A weapons crate!

Dur-Dur-Dur scoops up a bunch of arrows. "I found a bunch of arrows! I wonder if I throw one into the water, if it will point the way!" He throws one into the river, and it sinks. He gives them to Artus since he’s the only one with a bow.

Dur-Dur-Dur later forages and finds a little fish that he eats.

The next day, a tropical storm comes in, but they aren’t going to suffer this time because they hunker down under the Leomund’s tiny hut, letting the outside damage splatter against their impenetrable shield.

The next day is full of heavy rain, and they forage with no altercations, finding lots of fishies that they eat over their fire. The day after is sunny, so they paddle with extra speed.

The next day is also sunny, so they also fast paddle. However, they aren’t the only things out here paddling! A group of grungs eyes them from the water, then the frog-men tail the party. Valour pours some oil into the water and lights it on fire, which causes the grungs to keep their distance.

Later that night, as the party is sleeping in the hut, they wake up to the sound of spears pecking the magical Leomund's tiny hut barrier with curiosity. Dur-Dur-Dur and Valour respond to these curious creatures by barging out of the hut and brutally annihilating them with extreme prejudice!

The next morning is full of sunshine and dead frog parts, so the party keeps paddling. Dur-Dur-Dur notices some quippers following behind them. "Hey guys there are some man-eating fish called quippers fallowing us!" He then ties a rope to his javelin and tries to spear a quipper. He hits it with a nat 20 and eradicates several of them like a kebab, but the other quippers devour their killed kin. Dur-Dur-Dur slacks on his throw, this time not filling the water with a blood explosion as he spears some of them.

🌱 asks Zanzibar to drink a wild magic potion. "No! I don't want to derail the campaign!" he responds.

"Hey Artus to do you want to drink one?" 🌱 says.

"Nope nope! Don't do that! Veto!" Valour says.

Zanzibar gives a Soren potion to Valour and makes him promise not to cast anything on Zanzibar right after drinking it.

"Before we go any further, what is this guardian of Orolunga?" Valour says to Artus Cimber after a week of traveling.

"If you visit her once, you can't go back. You can only visit her once,” Artus says.

The party is now at a split. Either they can stash their boats and head west to Orolunga, or book it further south to Omu, which is quite a ways off.

"She's a guardian of Chult. Do we need to see her?" Valour says.

"She's not a very GOOD guardian of Chult!" Dur-Dur-Dur says. “Look what’s happening!”

The party votes. Those in favor of going to the guardian are Zanzibar, Valour, and 🌱. Those not in favor are Dur-Dur-Dur, Ezekiel, Artus, and Dragonbait.

The decision is made. They keep going south.

The next day, the party passes by Camp Vengeance. "Ezekiel,” Valour says. “This place was stationed by good men. It was infected with a terrible disease that we helped, but they went on a big zombie hunt because they didn't want to wait and now they're dead."

"It was all our fault," 🌱 says.

Ezekiel doesn’t say anything.

Later while paddling, Zanzibar and 🌱 both see a snake lurking under the water, its gaze fixed on Valour. Zanzibar has a terrible reputation with slender snakey things trying to hurt him, so he loses his shit and launches a machine gun spray of magic missiles at the snake. 🌱 then finishes it off by disintegrating its skin with chilling touch.

Zanzibar realizes this was just a regular anaconda, not a massive one. Well damn now he looks stupid!

The next day, they finally reach uncharted territory: the Aldani Basin. The basin is a massive swamp surrounded by mountains and jungle—a fetid land thick with marsh, mosquitoes, and creatures lurking under the water.

The party sets off, keeping a watchful eye out. At one point, Dur-Dur-Dur spots the dead husk of a gnome cocooned in a spider web that’s stuck to a log.

"Somebody's garden gnome has seen better days!" Dur-Dur-Dur says.

"What is a garden gnome?" Zanzibar says.

"It's a gnome that you put in your garden." Dur-Dur-Dur says.

Zanzibar casts detect magic on the corpse, but he doesn’t get any kind of reading. Dur-Dur-Dur plucks the husk off the log shakes it, looking for money. Instead, the husk withers away in his hands and flakes into nothingness.

The next day, they head deeper into the basin, aiming for an eastern area that’s marked on their map—the supposed crash site of the Star Goddess. While paddling, a massive swarm of mosquitoes passes by them, filling the air with chainsaw-buzzing and nearly blackening out the sun. After a few minutes, the swarm dissipates—the party’s judicial application of bug spray keeping the pests from bothering them.

Another day passes in the Aldani Basin, and the party has covered several miles of travel across the massive swamp. They paddle faster, but Dur-Dur-Dur sees crustacean-like eyes poking up from the water. Lobster-humanoids rise from the water, peering at the party.

🌱 waves at them. They wave back with their claws.

"Let's kill it!" Dur-Dur-Dur says, remembering what happened with the last crustacean he encountered.

"No! It clawed at me! We're claw brothers now," 🌱 says.

"I'm pretty sure those are the lobsterfolk people, the Aldani” Dur-Dur-Dur says, squinting at them and checking his book of conspiracy theories. “They are fairies with tails. They live in the basin. They have hearts of Pepsicoatl!"

Valour tries to speak with the Aldani.

"Be on your way..." the Aldani says.

"Why?" Valour says.

"We prefer not to socialize with outsiders..." the Aldani says.

"Uh this guy friend of mine said you know Pretzelcoatl... what about that?" Valour says, pointing a thumb at Dur-Dur-Dur.

The lead Aldani chitters, “We are Chultans—we lived in this basin. We were a proud society, thriving on the lobsters that lived here. Back when Pretzelcoatl still watched over Chult, we overhunted the lobsters here. The rainbow god punished us—transforming us into the abomination you see before you. Now he turns his back on the world, but leaves us as the monsters you see before you.”

"Do you want to be put out of your misery?" Dur-Dur-Dur says. He a huge fan of XP.

The Aldani slink away, disappearing into the murk.

The party continues paddling through the basin, but as they do, 🌱 hears a chittering noise on his shoulder. He looks and sees a tiny little spirit-character resting near his ear, reaching for the flower on his hat. Valour consults Volo’s Guide to Monsters to see what this thing is, but nothing is in there. More like Volo's Guide to BULLSHIT!

🌱uses druidcraft to make some nearby flowers bloom, and the little spirit plays with the plants. It smiles, then turns to 🌱 and shakes its butt, then waves its hands. 🌱 does the same back to it, then everyone notices the flower on his hat grows bigger, brighter, and more vibrant as 🌱 receives a charm of restoration!

"Heal Dur-Dur-Dur’s lycanthropy with it!" Valour says.

"Not until we need to!" 🌱 says.

The day passes, and as the party wakes up with the sunrise, they see a mote of land floating above the swamp several miles to the southeast—right where they are headed to find the Star Goddess.

Did they get their map locations mixed up?

The party decides to check out this mysterious piece of land, so they continue paddling towards it. As fog rolls in, the party notices a team of canoes approaching them from behind. Several Chultans and foreigners are in the boats, and they are led by a vestment-clad woman standing at the front of the lead boat, a staff in her hand.

"Ahoy there!" The people call out.

The party stops paddling, letting the crew approach.

"We are the Harpers,” the priestess says.

“What brings you out here?” Valour says.

"Have you heard of the Ring of Winter? A great artifact that could destroy the world?" the woman says.

"Yeah that guy has it!" Dur-Dur-Dur says, pointing at Artus.

A pause fills the air in the swamp as Dur-Dur-Dur's alignment changes to chaotic-snitch.

"If you have the ring, then we have to get it back to Port Nyanzaru!" the woman demands.

"Since he's telling you that we have the ring, if you want it, come and get it,” Valour says.

"ACTUALLY!” Zanzibar pipes up. “Before you come and get it, you need to know that we are good friends with the Harpers in back at Port Nyanzaru. Wakanga even told us to keep the Ring of Winter out here.”

"And if you see him, tell him that we want Stevorn back." 🌱 says.

The Harpers in the boats begin to huddle, discussing the situation privately. Dur-Dur-Dur tries to listen in on them, but they shove his boat away.

Valour grows tired of waiting. "Well we're not sitting around waiting on your blessing. We're going. You can let us pass over you, or we can pass over your corpses."

"I will let Prince Wakanga know that his agents have the ring..." the priestess says, finally.

"Here look at this note from Wakanga," Valour says, giving her the note Wakanga slipped into Zanzibar’s spellbook. "We're cool with him."

The priestess reads it, her eyes widening. "What does this mean about Kwaothé not being herself?”

"It's not safe to keep this ring in Port Nyanzaru," Valour says. "The Merchant Princes are compromised. It's safer to keep it out here."

The woman nods her head, satisfied with his response. "May you be blessed," she says, then casts bless on him with her staff.

As they begin to part ways, Valour asks after her. “Hey, what do you know about the floating chunk of mass over there in the southeast?”

“That? It's the sacred Heart of Pretzelcoatl, and it's sacred. And heart shaped,” she says. “The Heart of Pretzelcoatl is actually an earthmote, held aloft by ancient, sacred magical properties. If you get closer, you’ll see that it is shaped like a heart, and a tree growing out of the top looks like an artery. The roots descending from it resemble veins, and the red, rusty water dripping from it look like blood... just like a heart! The Chultans consider it a sacred place.”

The Harpers then sail away, leaving the party to their own devices.

The next day, the party paddles quickly to reach the heart. As they get closer they see that the priestess was right—it does look like a giant heart made of sacred rock, but there is a cave and a set of stairs carved onto the side.

They debate how to get up there, with 🌱 discussing whether gaseous form or pixies casting fly would be the best way. The heart floats 200 feet in the air, so they’ll have enough rope among them to lower down if one of them can get up there.

But as they debate their options, an elf woman pokes her head out from the cave in the heart. "Who goes there?!" she shouts down.

"It is I, 🌱!" 🌱 shouts up at her.

The woman disappears inside the cave, then she pokes her head back out. She has a scroll in her hand, and she uses it to cast arcane gate, opening a portal near the PC’s that connects to a portal near the stairs above.

Zanzibar starts being a real fuckin’ nerd and warns the PC’s that arcane gate is a high level spell. "I'm not saying don't go,” Zanzibar says. “We can go, but be careful! If this is her house... know that we are in the presence of a high level spellcaster."

"We are always in the presence of Tyr,” Valour says.

Valour uses divine sense and steps through the portal. He emerges on the other side, and the elf woman radiates with undead energy.

… Well shit.

“Hello, I’m Valindra Shadowmantle,” the woman says. Yep. That’s a villain’s name if I’ve ever heard one myself. Hell, she's straight up the main antagonist from the Neverwinter videogame. She's even in the opening cut scene, summoning zombies and trying to kill an adventuring party! Literally, this NPC is a final raid boss in an MMO!

Sucks to be these guys!

The others step through the portal as well, joining Valour at the mouth of the cave. Dragonbait and Artus stay on the ground and keep watch. Inside the cave is what appears to be a wizard’s alcove with lots of books, research desks, and little alcoves. Tree roots descend from the ceiling. There is also, unusually, an empty cage in one corner.

Dur-Dur-Dur greets her. "Hello, you can call me Dur-Dur-Dur. This is a nice tree thing you have here!"

"What brings you here?" Valour says, taking note of her research.

Valindra opens up a rolled piece of parchment, revealing a schematic sketch of a tube-shaped machine complete with buttons, wires, and electric panels. "This dangerous machine!” she says, eyes wide with fervor. “The Soulmonger!"

"We've heard of that!" Valour says.

"Where?" Valindra stares at him.

"In... Kinchasa!" Valour responds quickly.

"Isn't that the strange little rinky-dink town in Calimshan?"

"It isn't!" Zanzibar shouts.

“I obtained this schematic from a Red Wizard of Thay. The Red Wizards also seek the Soulmonger,” Valindra says.

At this point the party is freaking out. Being in a floating heart in a swamp with a crazy woman waving pictures of science-fiction machines in a fantasy setting tends to unsettle people. Valour whispers to some of his comrades, hinting that he thinks this woman is a LICH AND THE PARTY IS LEVEL 7 AT MOST!

Ezekiel pokes around curiously and notices a circle of teleportation located in one of her nooks. He goes back up to 🌱, who is licking the hell out of one of the tree roots. Ezekiel joins 🌱, licking the tree with him. He whispers, "There'f a fircle a' teweportafun ofuh dere..."

"Valindra, you seem really nice,” Valour says. “It seems odd that you have some sort of schematic for a world-ending machine. But, I think we need some information. Would you be willing to submit to a truth detector test?"

"SHE DON'T NEED NO TRUTH DETECTOR TEST!" Dur-Dur-Dur shouts out, then turns to Valindra. "Listen, he's a little twitchy because his girlfriend lied to him one day..."

"DUR-DUR-DUR HUSH!" Valour says, casting command on him, but Dur-Dur-Dur succeeds on his save.

"That's gonna make me mad!" Dur-Dur-Dur says. "If you cast another spell on me, I'll throw you out of this tree!"

"Well I don't want to start anything strange,” Valour says. “But I think this articulate woman may not quite be alive. I've met several good not-alive articulates before!"

"I second the articulate part," Ezekiel says, eyeballing Valindra.

"So you know I'm undead?" Valindra says.

The room goes quiet.

Valindra cracks a smile. "Do you know what the Soulmonger does to the undead and the resurrected?"

"I know that people who have crossed over and then been resurrected are having some difficulties right now,” Valour says. “They seem to be wasting away."

"That is correct." Valindra nods, and her face flickers, revealing a skullshaped head for a brief second—she is using a magical glamour to make herself look beautiful.

"Well… I still would…" Ezekiel mutters.

"I seek the Soulmonger,” Valindra says. “And you seek the Soulmonger."

Valour backs up. "If you can't agree to answer some questions in a way that I know you're being truthful, I can't accept any help that you offer."

"The Soulmonger, if destroyed, would be a huge benefit,” Valindra says.

"Well, until you submit to a truth test, I can't take your word for it,” Valour says.

Valindra continues. "Keep your spell slot. Because I don't want a huge benefit. I want a massive benefit. I want the Soulmonger quarantined, not destroyed."

"Do you have any information on where the Soulmonger is quarantined currently?" Valour says.

"Omu." Valindra responds.

"Speaking of teleportation circles!" Ezekiel whispers, nudging Zanzibar, who sneaks off to study the rune pattern.

"Valindira we can be allies,” Valour pleads. “I would like to destroy the Soulmonger. If you intend to use the power of the Soulmonger for yourself, I'm not going to fight you in your own house, but we might as well go ahead and get the fight over with—"

Zanzibar throws hands over Valour’s mouth. "Don't say that!"

Dur-Dur-Dur chimes in, "Listen, listen, listen… how do we get to the top of this place, and can you tell me why there is a cage over there.”

"Wasn't your daddy in a cage, Dur-Dur-Dur?" 🌱 says.

"Yeah have you seen this man?" Dur-Dur-Dur says, holding up a picture of his dad.

"You are the only orc that I have seen for several months..." Valindra says.

"What about before that,” Dur-Dur-Dur says. “Because he has been missing for longer than several months..."

"I have seen no orcs besides you." Valindra says.

“Why do you want to quarantine the Soulmonger?” Valour says.

"I want its souls,” Valindra says.

"Unacceptable," Valour says.

"I tell you what,” 🌱 says. “We get you the Soulmonger, and then you get to choose what kind of souls you get from it!”

"Unacceptable,” Valour says.

"What offerings do you have for us then?" 🌱 says.

"I can offer many things," Valindra says.

"Unacceptable!" Valour says.

🌱 grows annoyed with Valour’s constant interjections, so he casts blindness/deafness on Valour, trying to deafen him away from their conversation, but Valour passes the save. Valour is fed up with his party’s dealings with the lich, so he stomps out of the cave and sits outside.

"He's made up his mind, but lets talk!" Dur-Dur-Dur says.

Ezekiel moves next to her. "Yes let's talk!"

"I would also like a soul!" 🌱 says.

Zanzibar hears Valindra whispering in his head as she casts message… he likes what he hears.

Valindra smiles at her four new compatriots. “If you secure the Soulmonger for me, dear orc, I will ensure that the Red Wizards of Thay do their utmost to find your lost father.” She turns to 🌱. “And you… what do you value?”

🌱 thinks for a bit. "Well I kind of have a thing for plants, and I like fungus, and I like it when the fungus and the plants take over chordates because it's pretty neat. So, I'm on board with the whole undead thing."

Valindra grasps 🌱 ‘s hands. "I can teach you how to bring life from death. I can teach you how to make others walk on your behalf. I can teach you how to make roots siphon the living and dance with the dead."

Valindra then locks eyes with Zanzibar. "Death approaches you quicker than you thought."

"I'm actually 24 years old!" Zanzibar says.

"The Soulmonger can fix that," Valindra says.

She then turns to Ezekiel, slipping her arm in his. "You’re a man of life. You're a man of vigor. I can make life go on forever. I can give you all access to indulge in the finest hedonism you could ever desire."

"Well I'm either going to live long and quietly, or short and brashly,” Ezekiel says. “I know which one I want!”

"Oh dearest tiefling,” Valindra says. “I think you’d rather live long and brashly instead of..." She looks to Valour. "Short and quietly."

"Well I'll remember that, and I'll reconvene later!" Ezekiel says.

Valindra then hands out two scrolls of arcane gate to the party, then allows Zanzibar to copy down the runes for her circle of teleportation.

"I like your proposal," Dur-Dur-Dur says, then points at Valour. He winks at Valindra, then fakes a motion with his hands, pretending he’s pushing Valour off the edge. "Just kidding!” he chuckles.

"Do not pity the man,” Valindra says. “He has his beliefs. I will never hold that against someone."

She then goes to 🌱. "Wood elf, what do you know of the god, Ioun”

🌱 shrugs.

“Ioun was a god of great knowledge, learning so much about the universe that his brain couldn’t contain the information—his mind exploded, and all the little bits he learned were scattered among the planes. Sometimes, we find these pieces.” She then produces a colored prism, placing it into 🌱’s hand. "Now toss it into the air," she says.

🌱 tosses up the stone, and it starts to orbit around his head.

“Neat!” 🌱 says.

“This is an Ioun stone. This one will increase your Wisdom score by +2. As long as it circles you, you will gleam its knowledge.”

🌱 expresses great happiness with this gift.

Valindra then gazes over the PC’s. "Now if you see any of my Red Wizards of Thay, I will see that they give you plenty of space and assist you. You are now an ally of Thay. Tata!"

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