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Glass Orcs

So I decided to crank out an RPG monster idea and draw it in an hour. Roughly 70 minutes total, so not too shabby! I sketched it out with some Uniball pens and took a picture of it with my smartphone because I was too lazy to go downstairs and use the scanner.

An upcoming publication has glass monsters in it, but I decided to play with the idea some more, giving me these little bastards!

Brittle heartbeats crack from stone and drag these gaping half-mind half-people through brushfield plains. Sleek, quiet, reflective, everwatching—gape-eyed simpletons—slipping scrawlers. Bowlegged and arm-arched less they clink fragile limbs together and cease to be.

Savages? Only the prankster who built them—that collector of trinkets, Hollow Tandy. Old and decrepit, bent-back and knob-kneed. Hollow Tandy withered to the Yonderworld, departing a hundred glass-blown people in his passing. Such monsters would creak as he did, hobble as he did, and die as he did. Gallows humor? Not so, but a glass blower's dying candle. His fire is out. But the smoke billows still.

Thus the glass orcs wander this, our sturdy world. Doomed to a shattered end. Motivated by shards of hate.


HD 2d8-2, Morale 12, # Encountered 8d6+12

Takes twice as much damage from blunt weapons.

Reflects light-based attacks back at source.

Suffers 1d2 damage when it hits with an attack.

HP Chart (modify the monster's stats based on its starting HP).

1-4: Husks. Speed 20 ft.; 1 Attack, glass stump +2 (1d6). Missing limbs, hobbling, extremely maimed.

5-8: Shatterling. Speed 20 ft.; 1 Attack, arm slam +2 (1d8+2) which shatters on a hit and becomes a glass stump +2 (1d6). Shambles around, limbs break on impact when striking.

9-12: Mostly There. Speed 25 ft.; 1 Attack, arm slam +2 (1d8+2). Can break off arm and throw it with a range of 30 ft. Semi-sentient and able-bodied, chucks limbs at enemies.

13-14: Grotesque. Speed 30 ft; 2 Attacks, arm slam +2 (1d8+2). Clouds of glass dust deal 1d2 damage to anyone hitting it with a melee attack. Hulking mass of glass pieces in humanoid shape.

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