BQ-00: The Party

Updated: Sep 6

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A bunch of adventurers decided to form a party.

It was a bad decision then.

It's a bad decision now.

These are the characters of Blunderquest.

Uul'valaar Stevenson

Half-Elf Paladin

Valour's mother was an elf. His father was a human named Steven. Hence the weird name. He grew up along the coast in Baldur's Gate. He didn't fit in with elf kids because of his dumb name. He didn't fit in with humans because of his other dumb name. He wants to help people, and he was once an initiate of the city watch. Worships Tyr, the god of justice.

🌱 (Plant Emoji)

Wood Elf Druid

🌱 is from a forest between the small towns of Blackshire and Warcross. He likes brewing and licking all kinds of plants. As a nature enthusiast, he hates deforestation. He also really likes dirt and mulch. It excites him... tenderly. He's adamant that people realize he has no hair. He/him pronouns but identifies as two-spirit.


Human Wizard

Hailing from Kinchasa, Zanzibar is the son of a guild merchant leader, the Manzibar. He's always smiling, and believes that "the youngest candle burns the brightest." He likes spouting words of wisdom and fancy sayings from his culture. Recent arcane study has taught him how to kind-of-tell the future. He can be very put off at the party's idiotic antics. Joined the party in episode 4 after Soren died in episode 3.


Orc Barbarian

A son of Dur-Dur, this orc was born in Chult. His father was a guide who told him stories of all the wonderful things he saw in the jungle. After his father disappeared, Dur-Dur-Dur slipped into alcoholism and developed conspiracy theories based on his father's findings and other rumors around Port Nyanzaru. Believes in Nangnang, the frog-people god of trickery and deceit. Joined the party in episode 11 after McSneakle's death in episode 10.

Argus Fargus (Deceased)

Half-Orc Rogue

Argus is in service to the dragon god, Bahamut. As a standard initiate to his order, he leads a pilgrim's life. Seen as a "dirty half blood" by others, but chooses to live and let live. He left the party because they were going to Chult, which is dangerous, and Argus instead ended up joining with some pirates, abandoning Bahamut for a life of swashbucklery. He later met his end in episode 28 when he was ripped apart by giant crustaceans beneath the Mauratal ruins in Chult.

Soren Camus (Deceased)

Tiefling Sorcerer

He dabbles in wild magic and grew up as a criminal in a large capital city. "Didn't choose the mage life, the mage life chose me... however!" He was too wild with his magic to stay covert as a criminal, so he was kicked out of the gang. He was killed in Episode 3 by the ground and then tossed in a swamp, where he sank into the boiling water and was cooked.

McSneakle (Deceased)

Human Rogue

This fellow is short, kind of frail, and has a blood condition (could be cancer). Born to a poor family that died from the blood condition he inherited. Smartassery gets him beat up a lot, which leads to having a broken nose. He loves to steal things. He's really good at talking his way out of terrible situations. If the party TPK's, he will be why. The party didn't TPK though because he got stabbed by a Chultan guard while trying to cast charm person on him after he was kicked out of a princess' house in episode 10.

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