BQ-00: The Herd

Updated: Jun 12

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A bunch of adventurers decided to create a crew of minotaurs.

It was an amazing decision then.

It's an amazing decision now.

These are the characters of Blunder Quest: Descent into Avernus.

Sfiros Dimirgos

Minotaur Cleric

A servant to Gond in the High House of Wonders, Sfiros is an apprentice of the forge who takes great joy in smithing and enchanting wares. A pious acolyte, Sfiros seeks Gond's approval and keeps proper consort with his order's high priest. His connections to the Upper City allows him easy access to the austere parts of Baldur's Gate, expanding the influence of his crew.

Caeus Anacos

Minotaur Artificer

An average laborer trying to make ends meet, Caeus revels in his jack-of-all-trades affinity for most artisan crafts. Not seeking anything grand, Caeus manages a tinkerer's workshop in the Steeps, serving as a home base for his crew, the Herd. The more he fiddles with machines, the more he learns, able to cobble together tools as needed to suit his crew's needs.

Sleipnir Anacos

Minotaur Sorcerer

A trader of secrets and rumors, Sleipnir plies his shadow magic to keep a low profile and stockpile information. When needed, Sleipnir can recall information or source contacts to help case upcoming jobs or provide counter-espionage. Though an integral cog in the Herd's roster, his growing expertise in shadow magic is double-edged: he's being overlooked in favor of his older brother, Caeus.

The Tallest

Minotaur Fighter

A purveyor of gemstones and rare shiny things, Tallest lives by one of the most ancient rules in minotaur society: to be tall is to be right. A massive bull of a character, Tallest is a de-facto decision maker when the Herd needs guidance. He loves to bedazzle himself with stones, such as wearing several piercings in his face, as well as embedding a large gemstone in his forehead.

Harken Beremon

Tiefling Bard

A "horned ally" to the Herd, Harken finds solace in the minotaurs as a similarly-discriminated individual. Perhaps the most well-traveled of the bunch, Harken keeps steady contact with other crews, as well as being the face of the Herd when needing to slip past the law. Carries the Beremon family name with him, a name associated with daring adventurers and risk.

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