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November 30: Finale

November 30: Finale

“It’s cold out here...”

“It’s warm in the Hive on the Hill...”

It’s warm where the Queen on her Sugar Throne,

Coddles the slave-child crowd and drones,

Beguiles enticing promised homes

“But I am mine

And mine alone.”

It’s warm where the Six Queens traced their path,

Unbound by choice to whip and wrath,

Let’s flirt like girls with Angorath,

“It’s time to go,

It’s time to laugh.”

Prompt: It’s the final day. Roll the die.

  1. What Happens?

  2. What Happens?

  3. What Happens?

  4. What Happens?

  5. What Happens?

  6. What happens, and which bee survives until Spring?

Write: How does it all end?

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