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November 28: Aide

November 28: Aide

“Shake the weary wings to muster forth one last parade.”

“Rise again endearing ladies we do not yet fade.”

“Dare we turn our purposed doctrine down to those in need?”

“Nay we batter back the cold and hail the hands now freed.”

One last flight

“To the sky! To the sky!”

One last stubborn storm

One last task

“To the sky! To the sky!”

One last vanguard swarm

Prompt: Winter strikes, and the bees’ help is needed. No time to waste! Roll the die to determine who needs help.

  1. The Huddled. A group taken to ground for Winter didn’t prepare enough. They are in danger of the cold.

  2. The Landscape. A crucial piece of nature is under pressure. It’s collapse or downfall may threaten others.

  3. The Weakened. Age brings wisdom but wracks the body. This elder creature may yet live another season with enough help.

  4. The People. Even the People-folk fall prey to the onslaught. The bees may be able to reroute their danger.

  5. The Kin. Another Hive is at risk of death due to a Queen’s poor decisions. Can the bees save them?

  6. The Precious. An object of great value to the community can be destroyed under the wrong pressure. What heirloom or artifact does Winter threaten?

Write: Winter hits hard! How does it bring devastation to the bees’ new home? How do they mitigate the damage? Are they able to subdue the wild forces? What do they learn from this endeavor?

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