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November 29: Vesper

November 29: Vesper

We’re old now

Old ladies on old wings

And self-guided sojourns

So long ago we bid our way

So long ago…

“We were so young then.”

The world is old now too

At least to us

We who walk with immortals

Until the days grow longer

Until the days…

“We were so young then.”

Prompt: It’s a brand-new world. Use the die roll from the previous page to determine what Winter brings.

  1. A Still White Sunrise. There’s beauty in the snow—a bright blanket cascading across the ground.

  2. Tempered Ice Plumes. Trees, grass, all crunch with a frozen touch. The new world glistens, clad in a hard mist.

  3. People of Frost Rites. The People are dressed differently. They dig, they play, they build. And they laugh.

  4. The Pale-kin. Beasts the bees have never seen. White and blended with the snow. Who are they? Do they always come at this time?

  5. Doldrum Days. There is little sound at all from life. The bees can hear the smallest noise, natural things that never spoke before.

  6. Bare Wood Fallen. No trees, flowers, or plants bear any pollen. They are leafless and gone. But not dead. Only hiding.

Write: Though terrifying, Winter is also beautiful. How do the bees react? Are they curious? Are they cautious? What do they feel about this season that all other bees have hidden from?

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