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November 24: Lineage

November 24: Lineage

Hours tick ‘round

Wrinkled brows

Lined in furrows

Mortal matrons slow to rally

Endless landscape pure

Children gathered here for story

Wake the world endured

Hidden souls

Heirloom tales

Light at rest

Prompt: What do the bees pass down? Their reign is short. Roll the die to decide how the world will go on when the bees are not here anymore.

  1. Benevolence. Good charity is never in short supply to a close community. Choose aid over selfishness. Seek help over pride.

  2. History. Never forget the foundation that guided you to your current path. Song, poems, texts—all tell tales.

  3. Faith. There is a mighty presence that guides the world. Nobody must forget its divine manifestation.

  4. Utility. Never disregard the power of working hands. Once people forget their purpose, they forget their life.

  5. Venture. The world is so much bigger. Never stay content with being still. Always admire the world beyond the Hive.

  6. Slate. There is no need to leave a legacy. The world will go on without you, and your life is yours to live however you see fit.

Write: How do the bees go about leaving their legacy on the world? Does everyone do the same thing, or do some of the characters look to pass on their own morality?

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