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November 22: Festival

November 22: Festival

Busy bees are busy still and yet the fanfare rides

Games and feasts?

Songs and shows?

Cheer and dance?


Oh yes…

None shall rest their heads tonight

None shall sleep in doubt

None shall wake the morn’ upturned

And all will rise to shout.

Prompt: The masses desire a festival. Roll the die to determine what or how the masses will celebrate.

  1. The Day of Feasting. Food, drink, and more. Everyone eats this day—more than they ever ate in the whole year.

  2. Blesstide Boon. Give thanks to an individual, icon, or ancestor. Relish the history and good fortune.

  3. Celebrant Solo. Everyone finds the most endearing aspect of themselves and displays it. Rejoice in individuality.

  4. Totemfest. Everyone creates a diorama/sculpture/visual art piece and shows it off. Similar to a parade.

  5. Masquerama. Everyone dresses up like someone else and celebrates in a massive social gathering.

  6. The Purging Saint. Through forgiveness/acceptance, everyone finds inner peace by confronting an enemy or trauma from their past and telling their story to others.

Write: Does the festival require prepping? Is everyone allowed? Are there any hangups or trouble leading up to it? Does the festival go well for everyone or do some characters find it hard to celebrate? What does the festival represent or honor?

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