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November 21: Gift

November 21: Gift

Jellied ointments

Sugar paste

Pollen pops with


Something worthy?

Something more?


Never seen before?

Sit in line before the dean of divvied gear in kind

Wards bestowed with treats abound receive the boon-blessed tithe

Prompt: The Guardian has given the bees a gift. Roll the die to determine what gift has been given.

  1. Something Beautiful. The bees have never possessed such an awe-inspiring thing.

  2. Something Scary. At first the bees shiver, unsure of the strange offer. But this fear-inducing blessing is theirs to use as they wish.

  3. Something Soothing. The gift is intoxicating, a wafting air of calm washes over the bees. Serenity pervades the atmosphere.

  4. Something Sacred. The Guardian has deemed the bees worthy. This relic is now theirs to possess.

  5. Something Lively. A living thing that belongs to the bees. They are its caretaker, nurturer, and warden.

  6. Something Indulgent. This can be a consumable, a great event, or anything regarded as ostentatious. But the bees are worth it.

Write: How does the Guardian decide the bees are worthy? How do others react to this event? Do only one of the bees receive it? Two? Three? All? Or all but one? How does this gift change their outlook on the days yet to come?

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