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November 17: Miracle

November 17: Miracle

Peel the silvered veiling edict

Dredge the hidden mire

Deep beneath the dirt-cake derelict

Cup the freezing fire

Stand aguard the bastion open

Sort the juxtaposed

Toss the clamshell casket broken

Shield the pearl exposed

Peek within the world-less marvel ostentatious bare,

Bind the spear you wield to service lost in gracious flair

Prompt: Something magical and wondrous is here—treasure beyond any treasure. Nothing ever witnessed is more awe-inspiring. Roll the die to determine what it is.

  1. Vodvay the Sleeper. This slumbering thing, peculiar though it may be, beguiles a sense of protective instinct. It’s vulnerable.

  2. Fristal Grove. A culmination of plantlife beautiful to behold. It speaks to the bees as a sentient chorus of one.

  3. The Davnir Symphony. A beautiful noise, enchanting to hear. Can be constant, periodic, or random in intervals.

  4. Cerradin. A forgotten relic, ancient and praised. Revered by all others nearby. A central aspect of life.

  5. Young Kin Kreshna. A juvenile served by many. The new home caters to its every whim—though tendered guidance isn’t rare.

  6. Zan-Zan-Zamor. A structure of power, impossible to ignore. All either submit to its radiance or avoid with yielding presence.

Write: How do the bees discover this miracle? Does it respond to them? In what ways does the miracle affect them? Are there any interactions or confrontations with it?

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