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November 16: Home

November 16: Home

Dare we bade the whisper stop?

Dare we halt the step?

Dare we survey 'round the bend

And dry the eyes once wept?

Time for travel teeters empty.

Time for tidings slow.

Time for tuckered tender ladies

Stop to watch the show.

Prompt: This is the new home. Roll the die to see where the bees will stay until the end of their days.

  1. The Bright Loam. Lush plant life swarming with creatures. A veritable jungle of exotic biology.

  2. The Deep Barrow. An underground cavern or canyon accessed by a crack. A quiet atmosphere to hide when resting.

  3. The Reigning Perch. The tallest location in the area. Close to the sky. Allows a view of all you survey.

  4. The Slow Tarn. A body of water that nourishes everything nearby. The source of life. Allows the land to prosper.

  5. The Civil Borough. Where the People lie to rest. No bustling fares or business. A sentient stillness laces the air.

  6. The Doldrum Night. The stars stand out here in this open plain field. You’ve never seen so many. Night creatures roam lazily.

Write: How do the bees set up in this new location? How do they use their past experiences to dodge any potential danger? What beckons them to choose this location as home?

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