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November 15: Travels

November 15: Travels

“Is there more to the world.”

“Yes oh yes.”

“Are there flowers to be found?”

“Oh yes.”

“Will we flit with the breeze?”

“Yes oh yes.”

“Can we cuddle with the ground”

“Oh yes.”

Prompt: In their migration, they come across an intriguing sight. Roll the die to see what catches their eye as they explore.

  1. The Tangent Field. A flower patch of sorts, still blooming in late Autumn. Beautiful to visit. Unwise to stay. Something else already owns it.

  2. Steel-Rue Ruin. A People-built structure, ancient and weathered by the elements. Investigate briefly—a caretaker still lurks.

  3. Alpha Bramde. A large living creature—the bees think. The biggest they’ve ever seen. The titan barely notices them.

  4. The Dormant Hive. Another Hive of bees, mostly hibernating for Winter. There are still active workers. They find the bees strange.

  5. Road to The Great Elsewhere. A dying creature. It won’t live. Since it isn’t a bee, it won’t go to the Ghost Hive Angorath—but finds another home in The Great Elsewhere.

  6. The Sentry. A roaming creature—it wants the bees gone. It tries to stop and kill them, but they escape.

Write: Since the bees don’t settle down in any of these areas or encounters, what happens to make them keep moving? How do they know this isn’t the right place to make their home?

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