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November 13: Conflict

November 13: Conflict

Where do tempers flare by sect?

“Not with me. Not with me.”

Where do members share respect?

“Not with me. Not with me.”

Huddle now those disregarded teams who spare no stake,

Rake the ashen piles unbounded screams to flare no take,

Strike the fort-wall, test the branded,

Bite the bone-maw, nest the stranded,

Ply the wicked outbound outlaw glare to ravens cawing,

Roost the rot-born birdbeast all-aware to brawlers mauling,

Where go battered bastard sprees?

“Not with me. Not with me.”

Where go suffering refugees?

“Not with me. Not with me.”

Prompt: Drama erupts between two factions. Roll the die twice to determine which two entries from the table below have started a disagreement or conflict. Reroll any duplicates.

  1. Visitor. From November 6th, a foreboding spite rises within this individual.

  2. Natives. From November 7th, the original settlers are stirring against a billowing drama.

  3. Treasure. From November 8th, the endearing object is caught up in an altercation.

  4. Familiar. From November 9th, the actions of the bees’ acquainted origin incite a feud.

  5. People. From November 10th, like ancient titans, humanity brings rough tidings.

  6. Intruder. From November 11th, it’s not only the bees’ adversary anymore.

Write: Who comes out victorious? If the dilemma is quelled, are the bees involved? Are there lasting repercussions in the land?

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