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November 12: Enemy

November 12: Enemy

Behold the sham of reverie,

A dream, a dance, a blunder,

Omit the damned calamity,

A wish, a storm, asunder.

Wreck the ill-lain strands of peace,

Trash the treatise fair,

Wake from hopes the world won’t crumble,

Bash the gentle

Take your share

Admit the hate that stares you down,

A foe, a fiend, a brigand,

Commit the dirge-song blare the sound,

A threat, a duel, a villain.

Prompt: An event or underlying feud comes to surface. Who isn’t on good terms with the bees—or if they already are, how does the relationship worsen? Roll the die to see who it is.

  1. Visitor. From November 6th, the relationship has turned sour.

  2. Natives. From November 7th, this group no longer sees you in favorable terms.

  3. Familiar. From November 9th, those who know your past don’t bode well for your future.

  4. People. From November 10th, the human factor veers in a negative direction for you.

  5. Intruder. From November 11th, though already in dire company, the conflict worsens.

  6. Pick Two from Above. Safe havens disappear as antagonists surround you.

Write: How does the antagonistic foe worsen the bees stay? Do the bees come to terms at all? Have they prepped to deal with a potential threat like this?

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