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November 10: People

November 10: People

There be People in the world outside the Hive.

Much like us, oh yes.

Some will buzz.

Some will harvest.

Some will sting.

Some will bid a Queen.

But make care when the People near.

For they be tempered

Or they be wild

Or they be ridden flush with love

There be People in the world outside the Hive.

There be People.

And they be here.

Prompt: Someone from the Hive on the Hill finds the bees. Roll the die to find out who it is.

  1. Roh, the Hopling. A little one, ungrown, juvenile. It’s a curious one, though unrestrained.

  2. Grii, the Apex Toolrider. Wields a manufactured contraption. Seeks to use the contraption.

  3. Khet, the Shattertale. Constantly loud, calling in a shout. Is it a mating call? Is it fear? Is it a howl?

  4. Jai, the Withertrick Song. Ancient of the People. Slow in process. Patient, though stubborn.

  5. Yox, the Noble Stern. Leader of other People. Controls them. Issues orders and bidding.

  6. Chur, the Outroller. Despised by other People. An enemy, some may say.

Write: The bees don’t quite understand the People—but you as the writer do. What are the People doing, and how do the bees interpret the actions in their own way?

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