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November 9: Familiar

November 9: Familiar

What crawls back you cast aside?

Discarded rotten?

Buried live?

What home kept you classified?

Regard forgotten?

Harried hive?

Puddles dripped in calloused fleet

Of memories trickled, malice deep

Abandoned tandem vacant street

Slake the love you piled in heap

Prompt: Someone from the Hive on the Hill finds the bees. Roll the die to find out who it is.

  1. Someone Friendly. An old acquaintance or kind soul has crossed paths with the bees.

  2. Someone Mean. The bees never liked this individual anyways, and the ill feelings remain.

  3. Someone Hateful. An enemy appears. This may be a bigger threat than the bees intended.

  4. Someone Unknown. The bees don’t know who this is. This individual claims to be from the Hive on the Hill.

  5. Someone Related. A family member, or someone as close to a family member that bees can have (technically the bees are all sisters).

  6. The Queen. She is here.

Write: Does the individual stay or leave? Is an altercation forthcoming? Will this individual join with the bees? What consequences or boons come with reuniting with this individual?

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