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November 8: Treasure

November 8: Treasure

"I found a thing today."

"What kind of thing?"

"Is it a thingy-thing?"

"What kind of thingy-thing?"

"Can I be a thingy-thing?

"I don't shut up you're a bee go away I found a thing."

Bees are awkward thingy-things.

Trace the skies with wingy-things.

Laced with yellow ringy-things.

Fuzzy butts with stingy-things.

Prompt: The bees found a strange thing today—one that they wish to keep. Roll the die to see what kind of thing they found.

  1. A Plant Thing. This thing is a plant, maybe. It looks like one or smells like one. I don’t know!

  2. An Animal Thing. This thing could be an animal. Or a piece of one. Or discarded by one. Doesn’t matter—we found it!

  3. A People Thing. The People made this thing. But it’s ours now. This is our thing from People! That means we’re important now.

  4. A Stolen Thing. This thing belonged to someone else, but now it belongs to us! Did we take it without them knowing?

  5. A Dead Thing. This thing was once alive. But now it isn’t. I don’t know what to do with it!

  6. An Angorath Thing. This thing is sacred. It will gain us favor Angorath, the Ghost Hive in the Great Elsewhere. We must treasure it.

Write: How does this new thing affect the group? Do they cherish it? Is it to be feared? Do others know it exists?

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