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November 7: Natives

November 7: Natives

Divvied sanctum border state

Flags at mast in colonnade

Furrowed terrace owned and paid

Cash amassed for profit made

Set a contract

Set a post

Set a fort and army host

Set a congress plied by most

To lord the low

And tax the ghost.

Prompt: It seems the bees overlooked an initial dwelling. This group lived here for a long time before the bees. Roll the die to see who they are.

  1. The Gilly-Garucks. A happy commune, quick to integrate. Value sharing, family, open borders, and good will.

  2. Children of Wall. A reclusive bunch, introverted. Value observation, suspicion, and exit strategy.

  3. The Dreglings. A scavenging gang, abandoned by their kin. Value survival, dominance, and utility.

  4. Bitter Warren. An antagonistic nation, strict in government. Values process, law, and proper place.

  5. Confederacy of Nai. A decentralized power, split into loose districts. Values independence, social rule, and tradition.

  6. The Ashen Stormseed. A damaged clan, struck by a disaster. Values safety, weapons, and resources.

Write: How well do the bees get along with these natives? Are there problems arising? Do they offer assistance? Do they know anyone else the bees have already met?

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