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November 7: Natives

November 7: Natives

Divvied sanctum border state

Flags at mast in colonnade

Furrowed terrace owned and paid

Cash amassed for profit made

Set a contract

Set a post

Set a fort and army host

Set a congress plied by most

To lord the low

And tax the ghost.

Prompt: It seems the bees overlooked an initial dwelling. This group lived here for a long time before the bees. Roll the die to see who they are.

  1. The Gilly-Garucks. A happy commune, quick to integrate. Value sharing, family, open borders, and good will.

  2. Children of Wall. A reclusive bunch, introverted. Value observation, suspicion, and exit strategy.

  3. The Dreglings. A scavenging gang, abandoned by their kin. Value survival, dominance, and utility.

  4. Bitter Warren. An antagonistic nation, strict in government. Values process, law, and proper place.

  5. Confederacy of Nai. A decentralized power, split into loose districts. Values independence, social rule, and tradition.

  6. The Ashen Stormseed. A damaged clan, struck by a disaster. Values safety, weapons, and resources.

Write: How well do the bees get along with these natives? Are there problems arising? Do they offer assistance? Do they know anyone else the bees have already met?

Follow along Remley Farr's narrative here.

Find the rules of the writing challenge here.

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