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November 6: Visitor

November 6: Visitor

"Who stands at the gate?"

"Who treads on the way?"

"Who goes?"

"Who rides?"

"Who waits at bay?

"Who speaks who never spoke before?

Who knocks at the locked-up lock at the door?

Prompt: Someone approaches the bees. Roll the die to determine which new individual comes along for a visit.

  1. Klaff the Bristle Hide. A furry, loud individual who likes to eat and eat some more.

  2. Finli the Water Digger. An aquatic creature, slick and capable of disappearing beneath the surface.

  3. Makamira of the Tall Stalk Grove. A multi-legged thing steeped in paranoia and schemes.

  4. Teek the Sail of Gusts. A flying animal, full of pomp and outrageous gusto.

  5. Elder Yur the Tome Trawler. An ancient living thing with many years of knowledge.

  6. Ji’inya of Moon and Star. A peculiar, nocturnal critter that rarely appears in the daytime.

Write: Interpret the results however you see fit. The visitor can be kind, antagonistic, or ambivalent. Does the visitor encounter one of the bees or all of them? How much does the visitor learn about the bees?

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