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November 5: Business

November 5: Business

"A decision?"

"What is that?"

"As a Queen does!"

"The worker shall now!"

A sewing needle doesn't choose silk

Nor an axe decide its timber

Does a tongue deduce the taste of mill?

Or a fire define an ash-soot ember?

Prompt: Busy bees! Roll the die to determine the Great Task the bees will undertake.

  1. New Hive. It’s time to build a place to stay. What resources do they use? How do they obtain them?

  2. Explore. Take each day at a time. What new sights do they find? What do these sights offer?

  3. Stockpile. Bees are innate hoarders. What do they begin storing? Does everyone help? How do they help?

  4. Socialize. Get to know the neighbors. Who do the bees discover? How friendly are the locals? Are there several factions?

  5. Territory. The bees must establish their claim. Do they build barriers? Do they send envoys to neighbors?

  6. Cozies. Everyone finds their own little nest to make, according to their own need. Hives are overrated. Everyone can help build each other’s cozy little home.

Write: The Great Task should drive the bees to work together, or at least divvy duties to those best suited. Those not helping directly can help indirectly, if at all. They may spend several days working on this task.

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