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November 4: Settlement

November 4: Settlement

Life isn't fleeting

Life is a fleet

And the time for unfurled sails

Is now

But hiveless girls are throneless girls,

Though they be mavericks.

These girls are Queens and Queens need thrones

And this new throne seats six.

Prompt: Roll the die to determine the new home. If the bees have already settled somewhere, then they discover this new feature of their settlement.

  1. Amakursha, the Wide Shore. A lake. Serene, quiet, or busy with people. Large or small, maybe hidden like an Eden grove?

  2. Toptori, the Wave Woven Wilderness. A forest. Chattering squirrels, buzzing insects, a lumberyard of machines? A planted orchard?

  3. Old Gus. A mountain. Steep cliffs, or a wide canyon. Flight comes in handy. Maybe other mountains nearby too.

  4. The Pit and Pitch. A swamp. Acrid water, rife with creatures. Mossy branches or old rundown cabins.

  5. The Sanctum Lightgrove. A city. Bright lights, people everywhere, plenty of tall buildings to roost. You are not alone.

  6. Bendiwood, the Grafthome. A township. Rural in nature. Stretches of road pockmarked by the People.

Write: How does the group celebrate their first day as an autonomous group? How does the leader establish a sense of direction for everyone? How does everyone respond to this decision maker?

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