November 3: Freedom

November 3: Freedom

A silence rattles these our ladies.

No familiar buzzing but their own.

White-knuckle hand in white-knuckle hand.

Doldrum-deafened, this windless world wails


To a crowd of once slave women

Unbound to the yoke

Bound only to

Each other

Prompt: Roll the die to determine the leader. Though they are free, they still lean towards one decision maker.

  1. Honey. Why does she become the leader? Why is her charisma so enticing to have her elected?

  2. Killer. Why does she become the leader? How does her strength work to such an advantage?

  3. Leafcutter. Why does she become the leader? Is her dexterity deft enough to give her an edge?

  4. Bumble. Why does she become the leader? What does her constitution bring to the table?

  5. Sugarbag. Why does she become the leader? Will her wisdom prevail overall?

  6. Carpenter. Why does she become the leader? Can her intelligence lead the group to prosperity?

Write: How does the group celebrate their first day as an autonomous group? How does the leader establish a sense of direction for everyone? How does everyone respond to this decision maker?

Follow along Remley Farr's narrative here.

Find the rules of the writing challenge here.

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