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November 2: Escape

November 2: Escape

See now the dregs of royal sloth,

Of girls anew

Old girls forgot

The cycle weaves a bitter cloth

A girl will speak,

"We're better off."

And wings once bound, unfettered fly

To race with fate

To take the sky

Forsake the state of slaves in sty

"We're free," she spake,

"And doomed to die."

Prompt: Roll the die to determine the current activity in the hive.

  1. Defense. The Hive is on edge— there is an intruder that threatens safety! What could it be?

  2. Queen Drama. The Queen is upset. What has gotten her so mad? What is the Hive doing about it?

  3. Work. Winter approaches, so it's time to work. What tasks need care? How do you perform them?

  4. Nature. The regulatory weather and seasons have shifted. What's happening to the Hive?

  5. Internal Turmoil. A problem within the Hive. Are tempers high? Is there a new Queen? What inner problem is at hand, and how does the Hive respond?

  6. Hibernate. It's time to go into hiding. Everyone is told to shut down all nonessential Hive duties.

Write: Amid or after this activity, the bees escape! What sparks the escape? How does the plan go off?

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