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Our November, And Nothing More (Rules)

The Game

Our November, and Nothing More is an interactive storywriting challenge for National Novel Writing Month, played out from November 1st to December 1st. Participants will dictate a story involving the lives of six worker bees who escape their repressive hive to live on their own. Their lifespan is only a month. Using dice rolls and charts, writers will be given prompts as the days go by—telling the story in segments.

There is no signup. There aren’t any real “rules.” This is merely fun. You can blog your story, draw it as a comic, tweet it, play it out with others—the means are yours alone. But if you’d like to take the challenge and let your work be seen, use the hashtag #OurNovember to be seen.

The Rules

Each day there will be a post on as well as with the hashtag #OurNovember. This post contains the elements for the day’s adventure involving the six bees, as well as a chart formatted like so:

  1. Choice 1. Description of what choice 1 means.

  2. Choice 2. Description of what choice 2 means.

  3. Choice 3. Description of what choice 3 means.

  4. Choice 4. Description of what choice 4 means.

  5. Choice 5. Description of what choice 5 means.

  6. Choice 6. Description of what choice 6 means.

Roll a six-sided die to determine which choice must be included in your story for the day. Take all the time you want to write out the story for that day, interpreting your result on the die roll however you choose.


Six bees escape the Hive on the Hill. Their names are listed on the below table. These are your main characters—and they each have one word to describe their personality.

Roll a six-sided die for each character—the result is that character’s defining trait: how the character reacts, her driving force, her synchronization with the world. Her fate, even.

These six characters are your main characters. They are all in the story, but they don’t have to participate in each day’s activities.

With your characters defined, it’s time to begin the tale. Go to November 1st and write your first entry.

Honey: (1) Dancer, (2) Believer, (3) Optimist, (4) Childish, (5) Eager, (6) Charisma

Killer: (1) Ambitious, (2) Territorial, (3) Powerful, (4) Aggressive, (5) Loyal, (6) Strength)

Leafcutter: (1) Witty, (2) Independent, (3) Survival, (4) Sufficient, (5) Sly, (6) Dexterity

Bumble: (1) Durable, (2) Ignorant, (3) Hearty, (4) Jolly, (5) Buffoon, (6) Constitutio

Sugarbag: (1) Spiritual, (2) Emotion, (3) Inquisitive, (4) Objectivist, (5) Zen, (6) Wisdom

Carpenter: (1) Formulaic, (2) Focused, (3) Scientific, (4) Educated, (5) Historical, (6) Intelligence

Let's Begin

Once you've rolled your characters' traits, begin with November 1st by clicking here and starting the challenge!

Want to see my own attempt at the challenge? Click here as it updates daily.

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