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November 1: Hive

November 1: Hive

This is the end

This is the end

But this is the pulse

Where beats begin

The Wax-Crowned Queen on her Sugar Throne

Wields a thousand chains

Wields a thousand whips

Wields a thousand hands to build her Hive on the Hill

And a thousand children to replace their sister-dead.

Prompt: There are six bees in the Hive on the Hill. They wish to leave. Roll the die to see who the Queen is for the Hive:

  1. Bamrella the Bidder of Tomorrow. An astute planner, keeps tabs, knows everyone's secrets. Barters with information.

  2. Glora the Cage. Unforgivable ruler, employs a harem of drones as internal spies. Interrogator with a dominating presence.

  3. Hag the Buried Wind. Reclusive, paranoid, mute. Communicates through pheromones. Rarely ever seen.

  4. Tamaru the Claw of Lace. Sweet-spoken, underhanded. Don't get caught alone with her. Always smile back when she sees you.

  5. Moma Vodak the Eternal. Ancient political puppeteer. Barren, so a second, subordinate queen lays all the eggs for her.

  6. Un'illa the Gold Vanguard. Loud, spiteful. Leads from the front. No time for bureaucracy. Short-tempered and brash.

Write: What has the Queen done to make her so terrible? What are some specific encounters the bees have had with her? What situation are they in right now to make them want to leave the Hive on the Hill?

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