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My Pandora Station Writes a Poem

How about I play through 10 songs on my Pandora station and make a poem using only lyrics from the songs!!?

This is going to be nuts. First off, this is my favorite Pandora station that I've been building. It has existed for maybe two and a half years. There are 136 songs given a thumbs up and 18 songs given a thumbs down.

How does a Pandora poem work?

Open up your favorite personal Pandora station and listen to the first 10 songs that play. No skips or thumbs downs! Then you have to write a poem using only lyrical lines from the songs that popped up. You're not really a "writer" here, but more of a composer? Compiler? Putter-together-er? Anyways, be sure to credit the songs you used!

Most of the songs that popped up on my fist 10 were swingy, jazzy, scandalous, and modern throwbacks to sultry lounges and a bunch of people chasing that man/that woman who take advantage of them. So... my poem came out really kinda dark!

You can listen to my Pandora station here


a Pandora poem

Compiled by Remley Farr

Written by Zarif, Jamie n Commons, The Cat Empire, Caro Emerald, Tape Five, Katzenjammer,

Anjulie, The Pierces, Jeff Tuohy, and Caravan Palace

Oh lord, in the darkness

I know him more

Oh lord, in the darkness

You're gonna come undone

A little bird once said to me,

"Some people you can never save." I kept the sight

Of my desire:

The fields of opportunity

I'm standing at the crossroads now

When the smoke begins to fade

Tell myself, "No

I'm not gonna do this."

Dare the devils fill that need.

Some would say I'm a carnal slave

By the name of Romeo

And I could tell you a witch's spell

Your knees a-bending, so

Open up your box of secrets

Your head has no right

to say no:

Let's hump let's jump let's thumpety-bump

I said wow didi didi how those hips they shook

And then a boom shalaka heart skips a-boom

It's rag it's razz its snazzy jazz

Tie me to the mast

I must believe!

She learned to strip at Mardi Gras, Way down in New Orleans

Where the queens will party with the clown

And the night, she looked so fine to me

She waves for everybody

Down on the floor

Just a downtown body-body coming with a super-hottie

The way we used to do before

Lead me home

Off the ground

Lead me home

In the air

Lead me home

In the way to say,

Oh this is not a home for me, uh—

Try to get away and I will bring you right along,


Let's end your time to lay low

Show me, show me what you got

It's just-just too hard to stop

I put my hands on what I crave

Does he kiss you in the way

to say,

"This time it's me that's leaving you.

I must be moving on.

Little girl,

Just keep on waiting

Wait for the trumpets' call

Make a path and stick to it

And take one home with me.

I call thee, beloved one

To love me more than anyone"

For your love, he is your hero

Open up your door

You gotta live a little 'till you're happy...

They call it lonely digging.

Oh lord, in the darkness

I know him more

Oh lord, in the darkness

You're gonna come undone

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