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New Module? Gnolls on the Horizon!

Several months ago, a USB drive with one of my adventures stored on it had an unfortunate accident. I lost everything on it, including a draft of my next adventure, Fetch the Rucksack Howlers. After finally mustering the effort to start over, it's time to announce that I have finished a new draft!

Set in the Forgotten Realms, Fetch the Rucksack Howlers features a group of gnolls that have been tamed by Simon Rucksack, a kennel master for the Harpell Family. After establishing a township with the "civilized" gnolls, Simon considered his efforts a success.

But why hasn't anyone heard from him in months?

The PC's have been hired to find Simon's town and discover the fate of the gnolls—if any are still there. This adventure for level 1 PC's is going to throw them into a dilemma of nature vs. nurture as they uncover a dark and terrifying secret that makes neither faction in an upcoming war seem appealing.

Keep an eye out for Fetch the Rucksack Howlers on the Dungeon Master's Guild, or stay up to date by following Insomniacs Ink's website and social media!

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