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BQ-88: But First, A Distraction

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

“We want to file a complaint!” Caeus shouts at the distant stampeding army of devils.

“I have been inconvenienced!” Sfiros yells.

The army is too far away to hear them, but close enough that the Brazen Bulls can see their glaives drawn and their numbers numerous.

“We should free the djinni and then do this,” Tallest says.

Sleepy Sleipnir tries to tie the roper rope to the defiled Defeid and the scavenged Scavenger, but he is exhausted with exhaustion.

Sfiros of Gond summons the hand of Gond, ties the devil to their vehicle, and they retreat.

A day of traveling the Avernian wastes passes as pleasantly as can be expected, and the Brazen Bulls arrive at the Demonzapper to drop off their salvaged devil corpse.

They don’t have the Titan’s Blood, so they can’t save the dao, yet. But she does tell them the Wandering Emporium is just a day’s ride away.

They decide they should hurry to the shop before it wanders.

On the way, they see temptation.

A glint of light in the distance catches their eyes. Miles away, a Demongrinder, a Scavenger, and three Devil’s Rides form a gang of devils. They probably have soul coins. And they're probably Princeps Kovik's gang, one of those nasty folks that Mad Maggie warned them about from earlier. It would be safest to avoid them since two of the party members are

Vroom vroom!

They dub their vehicles and split up:

Tallest and Jeeyan take the Demongrinder 0 ft away.

Caeus rides the new Devil’s Ride Harken’s Revenge.

Sfiros babysits Sleipnir with Elric on the Scavenger Gond Scavengin’.

Vroom vroom!

The Brazen Bulls are rewarded for their relentless carnage. They trade Demongrinders with the slaughter devil gang, and they salvage five soul coins. Just in time for shopping at the Wandering Emporium!

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