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BQQ-00: The Party

In cursed Qelong, adventurers find their way.

Sometimes they change the world.

Sometimes they die.

These are the characters of Blunderquest: Qelong

Tsarvoya Tarasovna


Tsarvoya is a 56-year-old cleric of Guga who is pitching her skills as a healer so that she can get some adventuring done for her patron god. An avid soap carver, she seeks vengeance on others by carving phallic objects out of the soap and sending them to her enemies.

Beebo Buggins


As grandpappy Buggins always says, "Politeness goes a long way." Beebo is soft spoken, but her silence makes her quite sneaky. She likes to follow the rules, but she thinks for herself and is willing to push back against others she deems unjust. Also, she is just nice!

Short Stack Slim


Born on the bayou. Raised in the kitchen. Halfling by the Grace of God. Short Stack Slim is a small son of a gun with a crooked smile and a perchance to hang with the creatures of the swamp. He's as mean with the spatula as he is with a bow and can whip up a dish of eggs and bacon with one hand while whooping your ass with the other.


Sr-Gung-Ban is a crocodile of the highest caste in Mr-Kr-Gr. She has feasted deep on the meat of the Yellow City's wayfarers and has made her way downriver to see what further metropolitan flesh might do for her palate. She's heard of slugmen in Qelong, and this has piqued her interest.

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