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November 26: Fallen

November 26: Fallen

Once six, now five, so dwindles the Hive.

Walk with me ye child of sisters

Walk with me and sing

Walk with me and bid your well-gone

Walk and rest your wings

Garden blossoms perk unfurl

Inscribed in epigraph,

“She is brave who marches first

to Ghost Hive Angorath.”

Prompt: Winter beckons the Ghost Hive Angorath early for one of the bees. Roll the die to determine who dies today.

  1. Honey. How does the world become a little less charismatic without her around?

  2. Killer. How does the group lose its strength when such a mighty gladiator passes on?

  3. Leafcutter. How does existence slow down when the most dexterous bee takes its last flight?

  4. Bumble. How does the steadfast lose its mooring when the solid constitution wavers?

  5. Sugarbag. How does the wanderer find its harbor without the wisdom of a bee so at one with the world?

  6. Carpenter. How does civilization carry on without knowledge and intelligence to teach the masses?

Write: How do the bees lose this character? How do they carry on with the rest of their days without her? How do they come to terms with their own impending fate now that one of them is gone?

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