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November 23: Crown

November 23: Crown

“It’s time to go,” the father said.

“And never turn back ‘round.

It’s time to leave my sword behind

And bare my head once crowned.”

“It’s time to rule,” the mother said.

“And have your destined fate.

It’s time to wave the sceptered hand

And sooth the calm from hate.”

Prompt: The Guardian is here no more. It has passed the crown to the bees. They now govern the land. Roll the die to determine how they set up rule.

  1. Seclusion. Keep the sanctuary away from interlopers—those that wish harm will never find this place.

  2. Districts. Each bee who wishes to rule obtains a district to maintain and manage.

  3. Anarchy. There need not be a crown or ruling body. Everyone governs themselves and solves their own problems.

  4. Magistrate. One decision-maker is best. Choose someone to make the decisions on how this new land will flourish.

  5. Council. Each demographic group submits a representative. If there are no other groups, the bees listen to nature and interpret its desires.

  6. Laissez-Faire. The world takes care of itself. The only crown is nature, and the land will decide what’s best.

Write: Why is the Guardian no longer here? Why did the Guardian leave the bees in charge? How do the bees set in motion any plans if they now make decisions—and how does the sanctuary react?

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