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November 20: Guardian

November 20: Guardian

A righteous beam ignites the fight within the rows before

Take the reign forsake the sane less passion knocks once more

What can cast the shadow?

What can stay the foe?

What can fence the land immense

And dam the flood in flow?

Who will stand before me?

Who will guard the fair?

Who will take their arms in mine

And damn the blood now bare?

Prompt: This paradise incarnate has been watched over by a great protector. Roll the die to see who rules this domain.

  1. Creed, the Shimmershade. A kindly ghost traveling among the World, Angorath, and The Great Elsewhere.

  2. Goreback, the Underguard. A voice that speaks from the ground, attached to a seemingly omniscient watcher.

  3. Petal, the Airjockey. A force that communicates through the wind and air. Plants submit to its paths. Animals grow calm.

  4. Pulse, the Vanheart. The whole location seems to take care of itself as though alive in its own strange way.

  5. Harmony, the Chorus. A hive-minded entity that beckons in soothing whispers. Seems everywhere at once.

  6. Sheer, the Ever-Eye. A sentry, quick to rouse defenses and wary of all who enter. Imposing to any who bring excessive risk.

Write: What exactly is the Guardian? Is it something magical, alive, or something normal that the bees perceive as otherworldly? How does it interact with the bees? It allowed them to stay for a while already—so why does it see favor in them?

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