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November 19: Catastrophe

November 19: Catastrophe

Paradise though often sweet

Fools the foolish


Trick the tempted world deceit

Fell the fallen

Slipping feet

Victory with sugared certain setbacks set to snares

Vanity hath severed solemn scabs and scattered shares

Prompt: In the bees’ sudden mania for a better life, disaster strikes one of them. Roll the die to determine who suffers a terrible (but not fatal) setback.

  1. Honey. Not all problems can be solved with a song and dance.

  2. Killer. Power alone can’t hold adversity at bay.

  3. Leafcutter. Deftness slows, and the world catches up.

  4. Bumble. The staunchest wall will crack with time.

  5. Sugarbag. One can’t divine all incoming misfortune.

  6. Carpenter. A learned one isn’t immune to overlooking issues.

Write: What happens to the chosen bee? Does the disaster come naturally, through mismanagement, or by some other poor sequence of events? How does this moment affect her?

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