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November 18: Revelation

November 18: Revelation

We are what must lay the course

We the gambled story

We are what protect the source

We the migratory

Once unguided focused fine

A swarm in Autumn

Losing time

Bane the cages weld with grime

Hone the honeyed


Prompt: Where once the bees only meandered, now they’re struck with a purpose. Roll the die to see what point their lives have.

  1. Restoration. Fix what’s broken, heal the unsightly, or revive those that wander into pain.

  2. Contentment. Accept the state of affairs, go with the flow, blossom among those that would halt them.

  3. Impression. Leave their mark on the world somehow. Ensure someone will not forget them.

  4. Bastion. Prevent the weak from falling under sway. Maintain the boundaries to ensure safety once the bees gone.

  5. Revelry. Time is short, so enjoy each day as it comes. Rejoice in their miniscule moments and cherish life.

  6. Recruitment. Find other likeminded individuals and welcome them. They will tend the bees’ garden when they’re gone.

Write: How do the bees set these plans in motion? How much time do they dedicate to carrying out the revelation? Will this be a task with several hardships, or can it be solved quickly?

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