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November 14: Exodus

November 14: Exodus

A sham

This Hiveless homestead,

A ploy

To flee with need,

A chance

To write the future,

A dream

To plant our seed,

“It’s time to fly again,

My friend.”

Prompt: The bees no longer find the current surroundings suitable. It’s time to relocate elsewhere. Roll the die to decide what finally drives them to leave.

  1. Safety. Dangerous paths stray too deeply in this place. Survival requires flight.

  2. Resources. The bees are no longer able to acquire the needed supplies to stay here.

  3. Destruction. Events are leading to the end of this environment. The bees will perish if they stay.

  4. Agency. The bees are no longer satisfied with what this place offers and will stoke their wanderlust elsewhere.

  5. Weather. Nature strikes, and the current setup won’t endure the onslaught.

  6. Adventure. There is so much in this beautiful world to discover.

Write: What preparations do the bees make? Are there rising conflicts while making their new escape? How easy is it to leave? Who doesn’t want to, and how are they convinced to make the choice?

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