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November 11: Intruder

November 11: Intruder

Kindly welcome foreign folk

Sit awhile, exchange what spoke

How’s the husband?

How’s the wife?

How’s the hand conceal the knife?

How’s the foul play wanton strife

That hacks the steadfast clean from life?

Hidden household pilfered bare

Wilt intention steal once shared

Slavered grin now grime ensnared

Befriend the friendless, then beware

Prompt: The bees are not the only foreigners. Someone else has entered the land, and intentions may not be pure. Roll the die to determine who it is.

  1. Ol’ Dastard Daie. Conniving ne’er-do-well. Eerie predatory vibe. Extremely old, but vigorous.

  2. The Twins. One plays good. One plays bad. They both seek to puppet others into conflict.

  3. Kovnik Fleet. Pomp and protocol militaristic commune. Lead by hierarchy. One dictator rules.

  4. Buppernick Bain. Devourer of all that lies in its path. Ceaseless hunger. A monster.

  5. The O’Dar Family. Mischief-makers, liars, and thieves. They take what they can, then flee.

  6. Shaur Shan. Enticing, beautiful, a façade. Lures in ignorant onlookers for nefarious schemes.

Write: How do the bees discover these intruders? Are they initially aware of the intruders’ intentions? Do the intruders come across anyone else in the new location?

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